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7 Amazing Reasons Why Our Cats Carry Toys And Meow

7 Amazing Reasons Why Our Cats Carry Toys And Meow

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Why do cats carry toys and meow? This is actually a very common question that cat owners search for answers to. It is a common behavior in cats, and it is not something that you need to worry about.

Cats tend to be noisy when they’re demanding our attention, whether they’re pretending that their toys are prey and they want to hunt with us, or they’re expressing affection!

There are many different reasons for this behavior, and a lot of owners say that their cats (both female and male cats, and young and old cats) like to carry toys and meow. It’s quite common behavior!

In the text below, I will cover some of the most common reasons that answer the question “why do cats carry toys and meow at the same time”, and you will see that all of them are associated with cats seeking attention from their owners.

Why Do Cats Carry Toys And Meow? 7 Possible Reasons

1. Your Cat Wants Playtime

red cat playing with toy

Most owners will say that their cats meow and bring them toys because they want playtime. After they play with their cats, the meowing stops, i.e. the cat is satisfied and doesn’t carry their toy around and meow anymore.

Cats require a lot of playtime, some more than others. However, all cats need some exercise, entertainment, and something to interest them for a while, every single day.

Some cats are content after playing on their own, but others prefer to play with their owners or other cats.

Cats who bring toys to their owners usually have strong bonds with them, so owners should react to their needs to maintain this close bond.

Even if you only have a couple of minutes to play, it can make them happy and ensure you don’t lose your cat’s trust.

However, this behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat wants playtime every time they carry toys and meow, so continue reading to check out other possible explanations.

2. Your Cat Wants To Teach You To Hunt

All cats are born with hunting instincts.

Our domestic cats don’t have hunting instincts as strong as lions do, for example, nor are their hunting skills so advanced, but they still have them, and they will use them on occasion if they encounter a mouse or a fly.

Mother cats bring prey to their kittens, and in the same way, your cat brings toys to you to prepare you for a real hunt. This is your cat’s way to show affection as well.

You don’t need to do anything if you don’t feel like it, but don’t react negatively to your cat’s efforts either because this is a good thing, and it is definitely one of the ways in which they express their emotions.

3. Your Cat Is Expressing Emotions

Small cat with toy ball

As I mentioned previously, cats will occasionally meow and bring toys to their owners as a way of expressing emotions, i.e. love.

Cats tend to be obsessed with their favorite toys, whether it be a stuffed animal or a toy mouse. If you receive a cat toy, be honored!

Your cat bringing you a toy and meowing means that they trust you, and you should respond with love. Maybe scratch or pet your cat, and talk sweetly to it.

4. Your Cat Is Showing Off Their Catch

Our sweet and lovely domestic cats will show off their prey, just like wild cats present theirs to other cats in the wilderness. Now, this is their natural instinct, but there is a slight difference between them.

Our pet cats will catch a stuffed toy and parade it around the house, which can be pretty hilarious and very cute. When cats hunt, it is entertaining and fulfilling, and it is quite common cat behavior.

The best way to react to this kind of behavior is to reward your cat with a cuddle session or their favorite treat, after all, they’ve done a good deed.

5. Your Cat Is Displaying Motherly Instincts

Orange kitten with a ball

A lot of female cats will meow while carrying toys around the house, and even hide their toys in a safe place. This is quite common in cats that aren’t spayed.

Many cat owners have witnessed this kind of behavior. It is mostly female cats that didn’t give birth that do this, but sometimes also those who have had kittens do it as well.

This is another form of cats expressing their natural instincts.

It can be entertaining to watch your cat do this, but it will also make you wonder whether your cat wants to have kittens or is just confused… or they might just want to hide their favorite toy mouse so you don’t get it, lol.

6. Your Cat Is Showing A Broken Toy

Sometimes, but perhaps less commonly, the reason your cat meows while carrying toys is that they want you to fix something that is broken.

Your cat might be showing you a broken or worn-out toy that they can no longer play with in the same way.

Another similar scenario is that your cat might bring you their catnip toy because it’s empty and needs to be filled up, or perhaps it’s been broken and needs to be fixed.

You should react accordingly and fix your cat’s toys if this happens.

7. Your Cat Wants Your Attention

playful sphynx cat enjoying playing on sofa with her owner

Your cat will usually carry a toy, e.g. a stuffed mouse toy, in its mouth and meow or yowl, and purr, to get your attention. When this happens, your cat is not only in need of your attention, they are demanding it!

The worst thing you can do is ignore this behavior, as that will only make your cat yowl even more to get your attention.

Your cat might also be complaining about its toys or about you not playing with them. Or on rare occasions, your cat might be meowing with a particular toy in its mouth, because they want you to fill their food or water bowl.

Final Thoughts

So, why do cats carry toys and meow? To conclude, let’s sum up the most common reasons for this cat behavior:

🐾 playtime

🐾 hunting instincts

🐾 affection

🐾 showing off their prey

🐾 motherly instincts

🐾 toy needs fixed

🐾 desire for attention

A cat’s playtime is connected with their natural instincts, so it is normal that they will sometimes practice hunting their toys, especially indoor cats who like to turn playtime into a hunt for that wind-up toy or the red dot of a laser pointer.

Cats will also meow to get their water dishes cleaned or refilled, or your cat might simply ask for your attention using this behavior.

Sometimes your cat might bring you a toy in the middle of the night, and meow loudly while doing it. This rarely happens, but try to act positively so you don’t scare your cat, even if they are disturbing you.

All in all, none of these reasons are harmful to your beloved pet cat, I hope that you’ve learned something new so you’ll know how to react if your cat happens to carry toys and meow around the house.

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