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5 Myths About Cat Whiskers & Good Luck + 10 Superstitions

5 Myths About Cat Whiskers & Good Luck + 10 Superstitions

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Are cat whiskers good luck, or a sign that your cat will do something that will bring you bad luck in the future? Is your mojo bag with a cat’s whisker going to protect you from misfortunes? Do cats possess magical powers?

There are various cat myths and superstitions, so I’ve listed all that are connected to cats and their whiskers, and some other popular ones that might interest you as well.

There’s no definite answer to whether cat whiskers bring good luck, but if it helps you to have it as a lucky charm in your purse, then I see no harm in it. Just don’t ever cut or trim your cat’s whiskers on purpose!

I hope you’ll enjoy this article and all the cute pictures I’ve prepared for you. 

Are Cat Whiskers Good Luck? 5 Myths Explained

Many cultures across the world associate cats with either good or bad luck. Why it is a common belief across the world, nobody knows. 

Maybe cats truly are connected to witchcraft, but we domesticated them too much, and they’re now too lazy to put a spell on us! Jokes aside, there are many theories and tales which I would never blindly believe in. 

However, I do like to read and research interesting stuff, so here are a couple of myths concerning cat whiskers and good luck (or sometimes bad luck).

1. Are They Good Luck When We Say ‘Avoid Something By A Whisker’?

cute cat with paws in the background

To avoid something by a whisker is a common saying we use when we avoid an accident, most commonly a car accident. 

Now, there are even some superstitions that claim if you put your cat’s whisker in a white bag, and put that bag in your car, it will keep you safe against accidents and any mechanical issues. 

Some cat parents even believe that putting this bag inside your car will save you from parking tickets and car thieves. Well, whatever helps you drive more easily, I guess.

2. Cat Whiskers And Witches

Since forever, cats have been connected to witches, and it’s no wonder that cats’ whiskers are used for spells. It’s actually widely known that using cat whiskers in witchcraft is popular and magical. 

Of course, this is not to be blindly believed, but there are people who do believe. You can find many recipes and stories concerning the usage of cat’s whiskers in witchcraft, and it’s mostly because of protection and/or good fortune.

3. Cat Whiskers And Balance

cute cat with roses

It’s a common misconception that a cat’s whiskers control the cat’s balance, but this is not true. Many people believe that the whiskers of the cat control its balance because a cat with cracked or injured whiskers appears disoriented or strange.

However, if your cat happens to break a whisker or you cut it by accident, there will be some sudden changes in your cat’s behavior. This is not because its balance is shaken up, it’s because it hurts. 

Cat’s whiskers contain a lot of nerves, and cutting them hurts a lot! This is why we should never, ever trim or cut your cat’s whiskers.

4. Oh, To Be The Cat’s Whiskers

The phrase “to be the cat’s whiskers” is a really old one, dating back to the 1920s. This is actually an idiom that refers to excellence. Being the cat’s whiskers means being better than everyone else, being exceptional at something.

This phrase seems about right because cat whiskers are about much more than beauty. Cats examine things, they sense through their whiskers, and they estimate where they can fit through, all according to their whiskers.

5. Overall, Are Cat Whiskers Good Luck?

Do you keep and cherish your cat’s fallen whiskers? Or have you heard that cat’s whiskers are like good luck charms and that you should keep them since finding a fallen whisker is considered to represent good fortune

People tend to keep their kids’ baby teeth, so it’s normal for pet parents to do the same for their cat’s whiskers. A fallen whisker is also quite rare, so finding one is always considered good luck. 

However, if you find whiskers more often or spot your cat losing whiskers more frequently, you need to consult your vet. 

Overall, a fallen whisker is considered to be good luck, and owners usually put the whisker in a jar or in their bag, some even tape them onto their laptops. This way, you’re bringing good luck and the memory of your feline friend wherever you go. 

The most common thing people do is put the whisker in their wallet. If you do this, you’ll have a lot more money afterwards.

A Scientific Approach

Cats have been associated with magic forever. When it comes to cats’ whiskers and magic, it’s not that surprising that people thought a lot about it. 

Cats can fit through tight spaces and can curl up in the most unusual spots, so people have always wondered about it. 

Nowadays, we know that cats estimate almost everything with their whiskers, and they walk, jump, and crawl through tight spaces, all by using their whiskers.

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1. Black Cats And Love

sweet cat with whiskers

In England, and some other countries as well, it’s highly believed that if a woman owns a black cat she won’t have any trouble finding herself a man. Hmmm, so does this mean that black cats are lucky cats?

2. Black Cats Are…Good Luck?

Aside from the love link, black cats are generally considered lucky in Britain, whereas they’re thought to bring bad luck in the USA. A black cat crossing your path in Britain is a good luck charm, but if it happens in the USA, something bad will definitely happen! lol

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3. Pregnant Women Should Not Own Cats

In many European countries, pregnant women aren’t allowed to keep cats as pets, pick them up, or, God forbid, let a cat climb onto their lap. The superstition states that their baby will then be born with a cat’s face or a cat-shaped birthmark. 

This superstition is most definitely not true, and we don’t have babies with cat faces. However, there’s a modern version of this that states pregnant women shouldn’t own cats because they’ll get infected by toxoplasmosis, which can lead to birth defects. 

First of all, indoor cats aren’t likely to have toxoplasmosis, and it’s even more unlikely that you’ll catch it. Especially with the simplest of measures, like washing hands or having your husband or wife clean the litter box.

4. Cats Will Eat You On Christmas Day

cute cat with hearts in the background

Well, this is an interesting one. Not only do I love Christmas, but I love cats even more. Also, I love a good story, but this one is simply ridiculous. There’s a story about the Yule cat, the cat who preys on humans in the cold countryside of Iceland. 

The way I see it, this is actually a way of encouraging workers to finish on time. Farmers used to tell this tale to their workers in order to get them to finish processing wool on time.

Because this way, everyone has something warm to wear because, and get this, the cat preys on those poorly dressed. 

What’s funny to me is that this tale isn’t that old, either. It started somewhere in the 19th century and then spread widely in the 20th century.

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5. Cats And Pickles

This is another odd superstition, but people tend to believe crazy things. At some point in the past, people believed that if you wanted to know who your future husband would be, you should feed a pickle to your black cat, and then the man she goes to is the one. 

Now, I hope there aren’t folks today that believe this.

6. Cats And Ladders

Nope, it’s not snakes and ladders, it’s actually cats! If you spot a black cat (why is it always a black cat) walking under a ladder, you must spit three times through the ladder before you climb on it. 

It also says that the person who happens to climb the ladder after the cat has walked under it, will experience bad luck. Some people also spit three times when a cat crosses their path. 

Makes me wonder, if our spit is this powerful, why do we fear anything in this life? We should just spit away.

7. Is Your Cat Sneezing

In some countries, people believe that if your cat sneezes, rain is coming. Some other people think that a sneezing cat signifies that some members of the family are coming down with a cold. 

However, if a cat sneezes on your wedding day, it means that you have its blessing.

8. Cat Needs To Go

cute cat illustration

If your cat frantically wants to go out of the house while somebody is sick, it is believed that the person is nearing their final day. There are many people who believe that cats have some sort of sixth sense and can feel when death is near.

9. Don’t Step On A Cat’s Tail

If you happen to step on a cat’s tail, too bad because it’s bad luck!!! Ridiculous. Of course none of us don’t want to step on our cat’s tail, but it sometimes simply happens. It’s an accident, and I believe that it has nothing to do with superstitions and myths. 

There was also an old belief that if an unmarried woman stepped on a cat’s tail, she would definitely not marry within a year.

10. Finally, A Good One

Here’s an entirely good superstition, at last. If a cat, out of nowhere, walks across the stage at a theater, the actors and actresses will experience good luck.

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Final Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned, there are many people, all around the world, who keep their cat’s whiskers because they believe it’ll bring them good luck. We can never know that for sure, but if it helps you during your day, I say, why not? 

Scientists have yet to explain what luck actually is and why some people have more luck than others. However, we might just never know those answers.Cats are amazing creatures and are great pets overall. So what are more good luck superstitions gonna do? If it doesn’t harm you or your furry friend, I am completely on board! Just don’t ever blindly follow the stories and tall tales you hear or read.

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