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Nothing Can Stop This Wobbly Ginger Kitty From Living His Best Feline Life

Nothing Can Stop This Wobbly Ginger Kitty From Living His Best Feline Life

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Would you ever adopt a cat with a defect? I’m sure that most people would just ignore that poor cat and adopt a healthy one instead. Well, that’s not what this couple does… Collin and Daria had a male cat and they decided to get him some company.

The couple was interested in the page Foster Kittys. After following it, they came across the sweetest kitten ever. Collin says:

“Then, we saw he had special needs and it was something that we’re familiar with because of work. We realized we had the ability to form a really special bond with this cat.”

Phineas has cerebellar hypoplasia. To make it more clear for you, the VCA Animal Hospitals states:

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. The cerebellum is the portion of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. The condition is not painful or contagious.”

Phin has typical symptoms of cerebellar dysfunction:

• Ataxia (incoordination)

• Dysmetria (overshoot/undershoot)

• Intention tremor (side to side shaking)

These symptoms are specific to periods of movement, so he’s calm when he’s resting. 

Adopting Phineas

When the couple saw Phineas on social media, he was only a few weeks old. But, what hurt them the most was that all of Phineas’s brothers and sisters got adopted very quickly.

Phineas was left the only kitten without his forever home… But, Collin and Daria came at the right moment!

Thanks to this kind couple, Phin is living his best life, despite his defects. The cerebellar hypoplasia may affect his coordinations and make him a wobbly cat, but he doesn’t let that stop him from behaving like any other cat.

As Collin says:

“The fact that he doesn’t know anything different means that it’s just not something that he allows to affect his happiness.”

What’s very interesting about Phineas, besides the fact that he has a huge heart, is that he’s a real gourmet. Not only does he adore cat food, but he always needs to inspect the human food too, which is why his parents started calling him Chief Inspector Phin. 

Here you can see how Phin’s life actually looks like:

Phin Bonding With His Older Brother Tyrion

If you’re a cat parent to more than one cat, then you know the struggle. If you get your cat a cat, of course it won’t be happy now that it has to share everything. 

Luckily, they just need some time to adjust. When they do, they become inseparable and they only remember you when it’s food time. At least, that’s how I felt with my cats!

A similar story follows Phineas and his older brother Tyrion. When Phineas came to his new home, Tyrion wasn’t amused. I think that Tyrion was afraid of losing all the attention that he had.

Another reason why he was unsure of Phin was his behavior, his wobbly walking, his playing and everything. Collin says: “For the longest time, Tyrion was just kind of wondering, why does this cat keep attacking me in really unusual ways?”

Phin would start playing with Tyrion and then all of a sudden he would just fall over on top of him. But, in time, it was obvious that they’re bonding. 

Tyrion and Phin started spending more time together, and they would even snuggle next to each other for a nap. Because of that, Collin added:

“I think over time he gradually realized that Phin is just maybe a little different. They’re really loving, but they’re a little competitive with each other, as well.”

Phin Loves To Get In The Bed And Sleep

When I say that Phineas loves to get in the bed, I don’t mean his cat bed, no. Instead, Phin likes to climb on his parents’ bed, groom himself and snuggle there before sleep. 

The couple immediately noticed that Phin liked their bed, so they wanted to help him.

Daria says:

“We first started with a step system to help him with the bed, but then we noticed that he prefers really to just climb on the bed on his own.”

So, despite the cerebellar hypoplasia that Phineas suffers from, he manages to use his claws and to successfully climb up or down the bed. 

Of course, his parents said that the duvet and the bed are in bad shape because of that, but I think they’re happy, as long as Phin is trying and giving his best. 

So, when Phin snuggles in the bed, he starts grooming himself. Unfortunately, due to the CH symptoms he often misses spots or ends up licking the air. 

He’s Also A Morning Cat

Most cats are morning cats, especially Phin. Every early morning, he’s ready to go and seize the new day. Daria says:

“He wakes up pretty early for food.” 

“There’s no such thing as snooze. As soon as he hears the alarm clock go off, he’s up grooming us until we get up and feed him,” Collin added. 

Well, I would say that it’s just a routine that Phin has got used to.

Final Words

If it weren’t for Collin and Daria, who knows what would have happened to Phin. Thanks to them, now he’s having the best life. Despite his coordination and other issues that he has, Phineas is just like any other cat, special in its own way. 

He’s a very friendly, lovely, cuddly, and playful cat with a huge heart. Because of that, as Collin says: 

“It’s impossible to interact with him and not just be in a better mood.”

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