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This Wobbly Tuxie Trio Doesn’t Let Their Disability Stop Them From Enjoying Life To The Fullest

This Wobbly Tuxie Trio Doesn’t Let Their Disability Stop Them From Enjoying Life To The Fullest

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Allow me to introduce you to an amazing trio: Daisy, Rosie, and Calvin, affectionately called the Tippy Tuxies! These incredible felines share a unique bond through cerebellar hypoplasia, but let me assure you, it only magnifies their irresistible charm.

Their condition, often affectionately called “wobbly cat syndrome,” doesn’t slow them down; instead, it enhances their already captivating personalities.

Cerebellar hypoplasia sets them apart, but it’s essential to understand that this condition isn’t contagious or painful for them. 

In fact, it gives them a heartwarming way of moving that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. CH typically results from a pregnant mother cat contracting the panleukopenia virus, which affects the development of her unborn kittens.

three identical cats
Source: tippytuxies

Their touching journey started in a warehouse, where they were born to a feral mother. Thankfully, some compassionate souls heard their faint meows echoing through the walls and rushed to their rescue.

two cute cats sitting in the house
Source: tippytuxies

Destiny intervened when Kris, their human mom, crossed paths with them while photographing adoptable pets at the rescue center. She warmly recalls:

“It was love at first sight.”

Little Daisy’s determined spirit was the first to capture Kris’s heart. Despite their wobbles and their stylish tuxedo coats, these siblings quickly became cherished members of Kris’s family.

black and white cat
Source: tippytuxies

Calvin basks in the sunlight, and parades his toys around the house, proving that being a special needs cat doesn’t hinder his joy. Kris proudly says:

“He’s an extremely happy boy and doesn’t let being a special needs cat get in the way of having fun.”

Meanwhile, Rosie fully embraces her wobbly nature. She is independent, smart, and filled with love.

cats laying in the boxes
Source: tippytuxies

Rosie is always there with a comforting headbutt or nose kiss just when you need it, while Daisy, though a bit slower in movement, stays determined to reach her goals.

Kris proudly declares that the stereotype of cats being sort of standoffish doesn’t apply to this lovely feline trio. Their wobbles add an extra touch of uniqueness to their already delightful personalities.

three cats in the house
Source: tippytuxies

Of course, caring for cats with CH requires a few adjustments at home to ensure their safety and comfort. 

Customized litter boxes, a special cat tower for easier climbing, and scattered rugs to prevent potential injuries are all reflections of Kris’s loving dedication to her wobbly kitties.

black and white cats in the house
Source: tippytuxies

In their black-and-white tuxedo outfits, the Tippy Tuxies stand out, and that’s precisely what makes them so endearing. Rosie, Daisy, and Calvin embody the resilience of love and determination in the face of adversity.

Take a closer look at these adorable felines in the heartwarming video below. A heartfelt thank you to Kris for sharing their beautiful story. For more heartwarming moments, follow their journey on Instagram.

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