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Woman Abandoned Her Sick Cat Over A New Couch, What Happens Next Will Make You Cry

Woman Abandoned Her Sick Cat Over A New Couch, What Happens Next Will Make You Cry

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With pet abandonment on the rise, animal shelters encounter all sorts of odd cases, but this one might be the weirdest yet.

Tigger Tim, a lovely orange tabby, was abruptly thrown out of his home for the most bizarre reason – his owner wanted to make room for a new sofa!

cute ginger cat
Credit: Facebook

Tim’s owner arrived at the New York City Animal Care and Control to hand over her cat who had been part of the family for the past 7 years. She explained that because her family was getting a new couch, they felt it would be best to let the cat go.

As shocked as they were by this “sofa case”, the shelter had no choice but to take in the poor kitty. The owner even signed the paperwork stating that the surrendered animal might be euthanized.

Tim was just three months old when he was adopted into a loving family, hoping it would be his forever home. The poor cat didn’t understand what was happening now, nor that his owner wouldn’t be returning. As his owner left the center, a horrified cat cried out in agony. 

ginger cat holding mouth open
Credit: Facebook

As suggested by the paperwork, the worst-case scenario came to reality and Tim was soon listed for euthanasia. Luckily, a rescue group Magnificat showed up at the last moment to save Tim’s life.

Upon his rescue, the distressed cat was immediately welcomed into his first foster home. But despite the love and care he received, Tim was heartbroken and couldn’t recover from the traumatizing experience.

As hours and days went by, the poor feline came to terms with the fact that he wouldn’t be returning home. This heart-wrenching realization pushed him into a state of despair.

He refused to eat or drink water and spent his days curled up in the corner. His little heart full of love couldn’t grasp the fact that he was cruelly abandoned for a couch.

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Determined to help him heal, his foster family showered Tim with love. Then the story took yet another unexpected turn, breaking the hearts of dozens of people who were following Tim’s journey.

Tiger Tim seemed to begin to heal emotionally and started bonding with his new humans, but his physical health was deteriorating. His foster family took him to the vet clinic, hoping to find a cure for his mysterious illness.

abandoned ginger cat
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Unfortunately, what the doctors discovered after several examinations was grim. Poor Tim had cancer.

People who rescued the little feline couldn’t help but wonder: Did his former owner know Tim was sick when she decided to leave him in the shelter?

ginger cat looking up
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One month later, Tim peacefully passed away in the arms of his foster mom. In the last month of his life, Tim received excellent care, love, and affection. His final days were peaceful and filled with happiness.

woman holding and kissing cat
Credit: Facebook

He knew that, despite everything that had happened, he was deeply loved.

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