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Meet The Adorable Tabby Who Shows That Even Blind Cats Make Great Companions

Meet The Adorable Tabby Who Shows That Even Blind Cats Make Great Companions

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I finally realized that it’s true – love is blind. When you love and care for someone so much, all you see is their beauty. That doesn’t only happen to couples; it is also possible with our pets too.

blind cat sitting on table
Photo from:@blind_cat_dmitri

That love is blind and perfect can be seen in the following story that triggered a special feeling in me. The story is about a male tabby cat who had a terrible eye infection as a kitten, which led to him having his eyes removed. 

We all know that cats and kittens with any defects or issues are harder to arrange adoptions for, but luckily, Emma is proof that there are still good people who want to help and ask nothing in return.

Emma starts her story in the video:

“I contacted a local cat rescue charity, and they suggested that I think about adopting a blind cat, which is something I hadn’t considered before.”

At that time, Dmitri, the blind cat, was 10 months old and had been rescued from the streets. He had a terrible infection and had both of his eyes removed surgically. Luckily, that didn’t change the cat too much and he continued to be very affectionate, looking for his fur-ever home.

Emma continues talking and describes their first encounter at the shelter:

“The first thing he did was hug my foot, and he was trying to climb me, and I picked him up and he tried to eat my hair. There was this instant bond.”

We can all agree that it was love at the first sight. Emma immediately knew that adopting this blind affectionate cat was the right thing to do, and Dmitri was sure that he was going to be in good hands.

Emma and Dmitri bonded very quickly and I think it’s because they trusted each other from the very beginning. She describes Dmitri as very trusting and loyal.

“Considering that he has no eyes, he’s very trusting in humans.”

adopted blind cat
Photo from:@blind_cat_dmitri

Emma also says that Dmitri is a very happy and loving cat:

“I’m really lucky that he’s such a lap cat. He’s happy to be held. He likes to curl up on my chest while I watch TV.”

Unfortunately, as well as the good days, there are hard days. Emma explains that Dmitri gets stressed sometimes because of his blindness. Still, he’s doing well in his environment, he uses his nose, whiskers, and other senses to find his way around. 

Dmitri also often catches flies or similar insects, he loves to play with his ball and knows exactly where the couch is when he wants to jump on it. I think it’s amazing that he doesn’t let his blindness hold him back.

blind cat standing on chair
Photo from:@blind_cat_dmitri

Even though Emma decided to adopt Dmitri without wanting anything in return, I think she knows how lucky she actually is. By adopting this beautiful cat, she receives an infinite amount of love and affection in return.

“Adopting a disabled cat is really rewarding. They’re so resourceful.”

Then she added, “Despite the fact that he has no eyes, he’s still so expressive and has such a big personality.”

I’m so happy when I hear such stories. Everyone thought that this blind cat didn’t have a chance. Emma was also nervous about the offer, but luckily, everything turned out more than great and these two bonded in the blink of an eye.

funny cat with glasses
Photo from:@blind_cat_dmitri

Every cat, even disabled ones, deserves to be loved, which is why I’m happy for Demitri. He didn’t give up, not even once, and he has proven to many people that a rescued, disabled cat can be the purrfect pet too!

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