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This Woman Builds A ‘Cat Ladder’ To Her Home To Save Stray Cats From The Cold

This Woman Builds A ‘Cat Ladder’ To Her Home To Save Stray Cats From The Cold

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If you think that kindness is dead, wait until you hear this heartwarming story! Being an abandoned animal is not easy at all, especially when it’s freezing cold outside and the animals have no safe and warm place to hide…

Şebnem Ilhan, is not only a huge cat lover but also a true advocate for the well-being of these animals. As the winter season was arriving, Ilhan noticed several stray cats wandering outside her home… 

Ilhan and a stray cat looking through window

She knew that those poor cats had nowhere to hide, so she had to do something. What she did next paw-sitively surprised everyone!

Ilhan decided to create a ‘cat ladder’ outside of her window so that stray cats could climb up and get cozy in her warm home. 

Ilhan and two stray cats at the window sill

However, she thought that her neighbors might complain about her idea and invention. Therefore, she hung flower pots on each level of the ladder so that they wouldn’t mind too much.

Cat climbing on the ladder while Ilhan tries to pet it

Fortunately, her idea started working very soon. The stray cats would carefully climb the ladder and enter Ilhan’s comfortable home, staying away from the harsh cold.

Stray cats in front of the ladder decorated with flowers

After some time, everyone started noticing what she did there, but the reactions were positive only. Everyone in the neighborhood praised her initiative. 

Photo of the ladder and a stray cat

Still, the ones who liked her idea the most were the stray cats, who definitely sensed Ilhan’s positive energy!

Ilhan holding a stray cat

Ilhan is one kind-hearted woman who always loved animals and helped those in desperate need. Because of that, she also volunteers at a local rescue for stray dogs and cats.

Stray cat on top of the ladder

This means that welcoming stray cats into her home wasn’t Ilhan’s first rescue mission, and we’re sure that it’s not her last either. Imagine, what else can a woman do with a heart as big as hers!

Ilhan and stray cats on the grass

People do amazing things out of love for animals, no matter whether it is for stray animals or their own pets. 

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