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Woman Thought She Caught An Opossum, But It Turned Out To Be A Cute Cat

Woman Thought She Caught An Opossum, But It Turned Out To Be A Cute Cat

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A TNR rescuer from New Jersey captured what she initially thought was an opossum but turned out to be a cat! 

His Looks Earned Him The Name Possum

Cute cat mocking

Possum needed help, but he managed to be on the run for almost five months, even though his leg was wounded. His rescuers suspected that he had been abandoned due to his crossed eyes, a condition known as strabismus.

Many people are unaware that it doesn’t necessarily affect a cat’s quality of life. A TNR rescuer from New Jersey said: 

“The people around here think he was dumped, and we all thought he was blind. Turns out he’s just cross-eyed and cute as hell!”

When they first rescued Possum, he was frightened and growled from inside the TNR trap. However, given a lot of patience, he revealed he was just a big, fluffy, cuddle bug. 

His rescuers hoped that he would soon become a well-adjusted house cat, especially considering his impaired vision. 

They knew he wouldn’t be able to survive outdoors for long.

From A Scared Possum To A Happy Lap Cat

After sharing Possum’s story online, a foster family with expertise in caring for vision-impaired kittens reached out to his rescuers. They decided to enroll Possum in their foster “Playschool”.

orange ang white cat in the house

There, Possum was appreciated for his unique personality, adorable chirps, and cute face! His foster mom, Jen, said: 

“He’s cute, but he’s a hot mess and I love him all the more for it.”

Jen knew he would thrive, they just needed to be patient. Although Possum was initially overwhelmed by his new journey in life, he gradually became more comfortable with his new surroundings with each passing hour.

At first, Jen wore gloves and wrapped him in blankets to help him get used to cuddling and being petted. She spoke to him gently, and he seemed to enjoy it. 

It wasn’t long before Possum started purring and rubbing his head against his foster mommy. Jen then began the grooming process, which he desperately needed. 

She bathed him, and he even sat calmly on her lap while she hand-washed and brushed his fur. 

For drying, a foster friend named Danica joined them. She provided comfort, and they have been friends ever since.

Two cats laying together on the bed

Possum gained confidence during his adjustment period. He slowly transformed into the pampered lap cat his foster parents had hoped for. Eventually, he became a happy and relaxed cat who loved to explore and play. 

Possum has exceptional skills: he is great at loafing and being held like a little baby. Moreover, he was an amazing lap cat! 

“In the month that Possum has been here, I’ve fallen in love with his sweet disposition, gentle manner, and cute little face. (He bleps all the time!)”

Possum has had a remarkable transformation and was almost ready for adoption.

“Possum is outrageously sweet, endearingly goofy, and unspeakably lovable. He’s going to be a hard one to let go.”

Jen and Ian were sad and unsure how they would part with Possum, but things became more challenging when he became even cuter!

They had to dress him in an adorable onesie to prevent him from scratching. He had a healing lesion, so a onesie was a better choice than a cone. Surprisingly, Possum didn’t seem to mind this new fashion statement.

“It has a hole around his tail to allow him to take care of business, while also preventing him from licking his wound while it heals. It’s also ridiculously adorable! He’s such a good boy and is not bothered at all – by taking it on or off or wearing it. He is, without a doubt, the bestest boy. I love him so much.”

Once A Feral Possum, Now A House Possum

It didn’t take long before this cuddly goofball found his fur-ever home. His foster family enjoyed his transformation and marveled at how far he had come.

“Fostering can be filled with the lowest of lows, but also the highest of highs. An absolute high is seeing an extraordinarily special cat find his way to the perfect forever family. Possum is a tremendous success story and journeys like his are what keep me going when I’m feeling down… Possum absolutely adores his new family. He snuggles with them at night, follows them around the house, and is an absolutely perfect little baby Possum.“

Possum seemed to adjust quickly to his new spoiled indoor cat life. You can follow his journey on Instagram and see how he’s doing now.

I hope you enjoyed Possum’s story. His transformation from a feral and frightened cat who was abandoned, to an adorable and well-adjusted pet cat is truly amazing!

You can check out a video of Possum’s amazing transformation here.

Possum’s heartwarming tale can inspire us all to appreciate the beauty in every creature and the power of love and patience in transforming lives.

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