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Woman Decides To Adopt A Kitten But Ends Up Falling In Love With A 10-Year-Old Cat Instead

Woman Decides To Adopt A Kitten But Ends Up Falling In Love With A 10-Year-Old Cat Instead

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I’ve met many people throughout my years of shelter work. They come in looking for a kitten but adopt an adult cat. Or they look for a certain cat breed but adopt the cat that captures their heart. I’ve even seen people looking to adopt a dog, and then they adopt a cat.

Sometimes our plans don’t work out exactly the way we thought they would. But what I know for sure is that the people who adopt an animal from a shelter have made that animal extremely happy! 

Similarly, a woman named Jamie decided that she would go to the shelter one day and adopt a kitten that would fit perfectly into her home where she owned two dogs. Well, she may have thought she wanted a 10-month-old kitten, but instead, a 10-year-old cat fit right in. 

Meet Millie, The New Addition To Jamie’s Family

One day, which seemed like any other day, Jamie left work and stopped by a local shelter. She had in mind a kitten, preferably six months old, up to two years of age. 

“I got to the area where they have the community room. Millie was just sitting right by the door looking up at everybody. She just looked at me and came right over, and I sat down and she sat down.”

And just like that, Jamie adopted a 10-year-old cat named Millie! 

a gray cat sits on the carpet and looks at the camera
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

I mean who could resist such a cute face? 

Millie is talkative and very well-adjusted. She fit right into her new family, and her two canine friends. 

a labrador sits next to a cat
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

Jamie has two dogs, Titan and Yogurt, and as Jamie says (and as is visible from their Instagram account), they all get along pretty well. 

a white labrador sits on the bed next to the cat
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

“When I first adopted Millie, I didn’t want Yogi to overwhelm her. I kept her mostly in my bathroom with the baby gate, just to get her acclimated and whatnot. And one day when it had been four days since I had adopted her, I had left, and when I came back she had gotten out of the baby gate and they were both just sitting in the bed together.”

a white labrador sleeps next to a cat
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

It sure looks like they enjoy each other’s company! Jamie also has a pet nanny camera, so when she’s not at home, she checks up on them and often sees them either laying on the couch together or playing. 

scowling old cat
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

Jamie goes on to say how Millie did not look very amused when she first got to her new home, but as is visible from her behavior, it’s just the look on her face. She enjoys it. 

“She’s pretty mellow. I’ve heard her hiss maybe once.”

Millie also has quite a few health issues that Jamie takes care of. Jamie says how when Millie got to the shelter, they had to provide dental cleaning and ended up extracting six teeth. They also took out one of her canine teeth, which is why her lip often gets stuck. 

a scowling old cat sits on a gray carpet
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

Millie also has asthma and a deformed rib. However, ever since she was adopted by Jamie, she just looks so much healthier and happier. She has been in her new home for four years now.

“I believe she was living with another family for the whole ten years. They had dogs that would chase the cat and they had a lot of kids, and it was like a very active household. They just knew that she could be happier somewhere else.”

I truly believe that Millie is happier in her now furever family. She is very cute and cuddly, she always wants Jamie or her boyfriend to pet and cuddle her. 

“If we’re sitting somewhere, that’s where she wants to be. She sits in my lap or on my desk. Usually, she sleeps right between our heads, or on one of our chests, and stays with us the whole night.” 

When I look at the video and their Instagram posts, it is clear that Millie is purrfectly happy with them. As Jamie says, she was the missing piece. 

cute gray cat with tongue out
Photo from: @yogurtsometimes

“When we found Millie, it just completed our little family. It just seemed meant to be.”

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