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Woman In A Parking Lot Shocked After Being Interrupted By Someone’s Desperate Cries

Woman In A Parking Lot Shocked After Being Interrupted By Someone’s Desperate Cries

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Young abandoned kittens, especially newborns, can be found almost anywhere, which sadly puts them at risk of injuries and troubles.

This very concern crossed a woman’s mind when she heard someone’s desperate cries right after parking her car.

Following the sound, Peebles stumbled upon the tiniest creature in the middle of a parking lot, all alone. Initially, she thought it was a little bird, but upon closer inspection, she was shocked to realize it was a newborn kitten.

The poor kitten was only 10 days old. His mother probably gave birth to him nearby and then lost him somehow. 

It was a miracle such a tiny kitten had survived at all without its mother, and it was heartbreaking that no one stopped to save him until Peebles came along.

If it weren’t for Peebels, the tiny kitten might never get a second chance at life. She instantly scooped the kitten and entered Walmart to seek help.

The kitten was not only in desperate need of its mother but also needed immediate care as it was starving, and its paws were burned from the sun and hot asphalt.

The Walmart workers suggested calling animal control, but Peebels had already grown attached to the baby kitten. So, instead of surrendering the kitten to the shelter, she took it under her wing without hesitation.

After realizing the kitten was male, Peebels affectionately named him Bisquick, and began providing round-the-clock-care. She fed him kitten formula, determined to help him gain some weight and survive the critical period.

Later, Peebels took Bisquick to the vet to ensure he was in good health, and fortunately, he was. He received the necessary medications and returned home with Peebels.

At home, the entire family instantly fell in love with Bisquick, including a big dog named Penny. Initially, Peebels worried about Penny’s size and Bisquick’s reaction, but he quickly showed he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Bisquick charmed everyone with his loving personality, and sparked a family debate over who would keep him once he grew a bit bigger. 

However, Peebles, having bonded deeply with the tiny kitten she rescued from a parking lot, wasn’t ready to give him up easily.

Regardless of where he ends up, it’s certain that Bisquick will have the best possible life, filled with abundant love and attention, just as every cat deserves.

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