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Shelter Worker Goes In To Check On One Of The Cats And Finds A Surprise In Her Cage

Shelter Worker Goes In To Check On One Of The Cats And Finds A Surprise In Her Cage

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Alicia Dreyer, a shelter worker at a doggy daycare, couldn’t refuse the desperate pleas of three senior felines. They took the three cats into their care, hoping to help them fully recover and find new homes. 

However, it wasn’t just having cats in the doggy daycare kennels that made Alicia’s video go viral – there was another reason! She captioned the video with #sendhelp as she was shocked at what she found inside.

cat at the shelter
Credit: TikTok

One morning, Alicia went inside to check on the cats and found a surprise awaiting her. Somehow, a baby possum had gotten inside one of their kennels.

Alicia’s video received more than 5 million views in just a few days! I mean, I was surprised too when I saw her open the cage and say ‘Look who’s here!’ I was like ‘Wait what?’ I expected a kitten maybe, or something, but oh my.

I admired them for taking cats into their care and helping them even though they run a dog care shelter, but an opossum? Wow, talk about a true animal lover! We should never look away from any animal in need.

When Alicia opened the cage the cat was like, ‘Hi, everything’s good, thanks. Oh, that? Well, that’s just my baby.’

Alicia has no idea how the opossum got inside. There’s no other door but the one she opens and closes, and this cat’s cage was on the second level. It’s just so mind-boggling how this baby got in there.

Once again, she didn’t hesitate to help an animal in need, no matter the species. As you can see in the video, she speaks to the baby opossum, promising to help her out. 

cat in a kennel
Credit: TikTok

Later, Alicia posted an update explaining that this little baby opossum was a girl they named Daisy. She was still with them, recovering and enjoying life, and would stay with them until she was ready to be set free.

Not only do they help rescue dogs and cats, but now they’ve also got ‘rescue opossums.’ As people praised their kindness and efforts, Alicia once again admitted she still couldn’t believe Daisy was in there.

tiny opossum
Credit: TikTok

She was just chilling with the cat and Alicia was like ‘How did she get in? How did she survive?’ After all, Daisy was a tiny baby and it’s really surprising how she managed to survive until Alicia discovered her inside.

Maybe, just maybe, Daisy was ‘adopted’ by the cat she was with in the kennel and the cat helped her survive. Many people also commented similar things, saying perhaps the baby latched onto the cat, and the cat let it. Another user commented:

“I’ve seen that they just instinctively grab on to whatever they can if they lose mom.”

cat and opossum
Credit: TikTok

Well, that’s just sad! But I guess Daisy was lucky in a way for ending up in a cage with such a friendly and caring cat, and later on for being discovered by this amazing caregiver, Alicia. 

Many people praised Alicia for her kindness and compassion towards animals, while some made jokes about the cat and possum being allies and secret spies. Another user made me smile by saying:

“It’s her emotional support baby possum.” 

Implying that Daisy was the cat’s emotional support animal, lol! After all, all’s well that ends well. Thanks to Alicia’s kind nature, three cats and one surprising baby opossum got a chance at a better life.

Share their story to encourage others to help out and never look away from an animal in need, no matter their species.

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