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Woman Keeps Randomly Stumbling Upon Abandoned Orange Cats Like That’s Her Fate

Woman Keeps Randomly Stumbling Upon Abandoned Orange Cats Like That’s Her Fate

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I’m sure most cat parents have a funny story to tell when it comes to how they met their feline companions. However, the woman in today’s story has by far the most epic experience to share.

Believe it or not, abandoned orange cats keep randomly finding her – like it’s her fate to meet them!

Here’s her story!

It all started when she rescued Nala, her adorable orange feline, from the streets back in 2021. She found her as a scared tiny kitten, not more than a few weeks old, in front of a busy restaurant, waiting for someone to help her.

Both ladies instantly clicked and formed a strong bond, which is why the woman refers to Nala as her ‘Soul cat.’

Ever since then, random orange cats have been entering her life unexpectedly. In a video she posted on her TikTok, she talked about the peculiarity of her situation:

In the video, the woman shares how after Nala, a beautiful white and orange boy named Peach entered her life. 

Given up by his family for allegedly being aggressive, her sweet boy was only looking for a loving and understanding human, which he thankfully found in his new forever home.

Following Peach, she encountered chunky Buttercup, another ginger kitty who immediately sought her help, as though he was drawn to her. 

The woman left him at a South Carolina train station where kind folks from Amtrak are now taking good care of him. 

Then came Bobby, another ginger feline she found on the street. Since Bobby’s owner went into assisted living, the family put him outside to fend for himself. 

The woman found a nice foster family for him, where he now thrives and enjoys every day of his life.

Many people on TikTok thoroughly enjoyed her video, expressing their gratitude for the kindness she showed to every single orange kitty she encountered. One person wrote:

“Wow you’re the orange cat magnet lol. God bless you for saving these sweet kitties.”

Another person jokingly commented:

“You’re the orange cat distribution destination.“

To add even more intrigue, this woman has another special orange fluff in her life.

When she met her husband, he was already a proud cat parent of an orange kitty, Diggle, who actually turned her into a cat person. 

Because of Diggle, she wanted to own more cats, which is precisely how Nala came into the picture!

What makes this love story even more extraordinary is that, following their owners’ steps, Nala and Diggle have fallen in love and formed a strong bond, too. How incredible is that?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being an orange kitty magnet myself. Honestly, that would be a dream come true.

If you’ve enjoyed this story, I encourage you to follow Nala and her owner on TikTok. Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I love interacting with you – it’s like talking to good friends!

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