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Woman Saves Two Blind Kittens That Took Refuge In A Zoo But Then Discovers Something Disturbing

Woman Saves Two Blind Kittens That Took Refuge In A Zoo But Then Discovers Something Disturbing

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Spaying and neutering stray cats is highly important, as overcrowded shelters all over our country struggle to take cats in. 

cats outdoor
Credit: YouTube

Fortunately, there are still kind individuals who spend every spare minute to save our stray feline friends from the harsh realities of street life.

I’ve recently discovered such an amazing individual, a kindhearted woman who dedicated her life to saving stray cats.

cat licking her paw
Credit: YouTube

This amazing rescuer was recently informed about two blind kittens who took refuge in their local zoo. Since the shelters in their city were unable to take the two brothers in, this kind woman answered the zoo’s desperate call for help. 

blind cats at vet
Credit: YouTube

However, she had no idea just how bad their state was. Once she arrived one of the kittens was on the brink of survival, lying next to his brother.

What worried their rescuer was the state of their eyes – completely shut due to an infection. While she was placing them in a carrier ready to take them to the vet, something soul-crushing caught her attention.

cat in the yard
Credit: YouTube

Another stray cat emerged from the trees, curious about the newcomers. Sadly, the cat’s state was even worse than the kittens.

She was severely malnourished, unable to close her mouth, and she had a big wound on her cheek. The woman instantly jumped to catch her, but the poor soul was afraid. She ran into hiding, leaving the woman heartbroken.

a girl helping blind cats
Credit: YouTube

While she rushed the kittens to the emergency vet, she couldn’t stop thinking about the cat in the zoo. She knew she had to come back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the vet informed her that the kittens suffered from calicivirus, a highly contagious feline virus. Luckily, treatment was possible and the woman left them at the animal hospital. 

cat with wound
Credit: YouTube

The next morning she rushed back to the zoo, ready to catch the malnourished cat. She put out some food and the poor soul came out from her hiding place. 

The woman slowly approached her and while she was eating, she managed to place her in a carrier. Back at the animal hospital, the vet soon figured out this was a very senior cat. 

wounded cat
Credit: YouTube

Her teeth were rotten, causing ulcers in her mouth. This is why the poor soul was unable to close her mouth and the reason behind her malnourishment. This was a manageable problem, but what crushed their spirits was the positive FeLV test.

Since there is no treatment available for FeLV, the woman was determined to find her a forever home, where she could spend her senior years. This senior sweetheart deserved to feel love for the first time in her life. 

cats at veterinarinas on the table
Credit: YouTube

As for the kittens, the two adorable brothers were now on the journey to recovery. Placed in a foster home, they will wait for their forever parents to show up.

I’m so grateful for this kind woman who dedicated her life to saving stray cats. Hopefully, more people will recognize the importance of spaying and neutering stray cats!

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