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This Woman Never Thought A Kitten-Fall Would Ever Interrupt Her Jog Session

This Woman Never Thought A Kitten-Fall Would Ever Interrupt Her Jog Session

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Have you ever heard of the rare meteorological wonder known as “animal rain?” 

This phenomenon, where flightless animals seemingly fall from the sky, might sound like a tale from folklore, but it’s very much real. 

From showers of spiders to downpours of birds and fish, nature never ceases to amaze. But, have you ever seen a tiny kitten falling from the sky? This extraordinary event, as unbelievable as it sounds, happened to Kendera White.

One morning, while Kendera was out jogging, she encountered an incredibly unusual event. She recalled:

“I saw something drop through the air on my left and then I heard a really high-pitched meow. I’m a bit of a cat freak so I knew instantly that it was the sound of a kitten.”

Being sure she heard the kitten, Kendera immediately ran to the spot where the poor creature fell.

And Kendera was right! Upon reaching the exact location, she was left in awe. The object that had fallen from the sky turned out to be a tiny newborn kitten. Kendera recounted the moment: 

“Then I saw this little gray thing on the floor, no bigger than a golf ball. I thought it’s got to have been a bird of prey and there’s no way I’m going to be able to find out where he came from.”

The kitten, with closed eyes, lay on the ground, motionless. Kendera feared the worst, but she couldn’t simply leave the helpless little one all alone. So, she gently cradled the newborn and placed him in her sports bra, rushing to seek assistance. 

She took the kitten to Matt Smith Vets, knowing that the professional team would take good care of him. 

The vets immediately welcomed the poor kitten in and thoroughly examined him. To everyone’s surprise, the tiny feline had survived the fall with only a few bruises.

Kittens, especially newborn ones, are extremely fragile, so this kitten was so lucky to even survive. Kendera noted:

“It’s amazing how he escaped with no broken bones but when they’re little they’re very pliable. It was his lucky day!”

The kitten received the essential medical attention and was introduced to four other week-old former stray kittens. 

The staff at the vet clinic wanted to give him a fitting and somewhat symbolic name, so they named him Sky. Sue Crisp, the clinic’s receptionist, said:

“We called him Sky because that’s where he came from.”

Now, Sky is living a happy life with his new brothers from another mother. They have formed a close bond and are growing bigger and stronger with each passing day.

It’s heartwarming to know that Sky fell into caring hands that offered him help without a second thought. Thanks to Kendera, his rescuer, he is now safe and eagerly awaiting his forever home.

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