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Woman Spots Two Glimmering Eyes In A Hole In The Wall And Decides To Contact Local Animal Rescue

Woman Spots Two Glimmering Eyes In A Hole In The Wall And Decides To Contact Local Animal Rescue

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Stray cats get easily startled, which often leads them to hide in the place where they feel the safest. This natural instinct can have them hiding for hours when frightened.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Alli, an animal rescuer, received a call from a local cat colony carer who spotted a stray kitten hiding in a wall.

The young tabby feline, spooky by an unknown threat, hid herself in the corner of the wall, where there was a missing brick. Alli instantly arrived at the location, but the kitten’s fear prevented any rescue attempt.

Alli refused to give up on her so easily. What she did next, surprised everyone and proved how determined she is with what she does. Alli shared:

“It was going to be so cold that night, so I went right away and spent an hour in the rain coaxing her out of the wall. She would meow at me and reach her paws out to me, so I knew I just needed to give her time. She wanted so desperately to be out of the elements.”

Apparently, Alli’s determination paid off. After encouraging the kitten for almost an hour, the kitty finally began to warm up to Alli and slowly started to get out of the wall.

Alli managed to give the tabby a few pets and that was when she melted away as though she felt the touch of love for the first time in her life. Alli added:

“I had a carrier with me, but all she wanted was to be held and loved.”

All of a sudden, it was like a completely different kitten. The tabby didn’t want to leave Alli’s side. She crawled into her arms and literally begged for attention. Alli recalled:

“She purred and made biscuits in my arms the whole way home. This tiny girl has a huge heart and wants nothing more than to get pets and love.”

Alli named the kitten Arya and after realizing she had no family, she instantly reached out to Kristen, a foster volunteer for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

Fortunately, Kristen didn’t hesitate to take this lovely furball in. The kitten instantly fell in love with Kristen, jumped on her shoulder, and cuddled her. Kristen shared:

“She was sweet immediately and wanted and still wants nothing but love. Pets, kisses, cuddled – she wants it all.”

While Arya got surprisingly good with humans around her, it wasn’t the same with other cats and kittens. She constantly hissed and growled at other felines in the foster home, and craved human attention.

Now, Arya greets Kristen with sweet meows and purrs because she transformed into a real love bug. Slowly, but surely, she became more relaxed around fellow felines. Kristen added:

“Every day, she is getting more and more comfy with her fellow kitten foster friends and is even eating with them now.”

Arya is one lovely feline who loves to be at the center of attention. When she’s not craving attention, she adores sitting on a cat tree by the window, sunbathing, or cuddling in her comfy bed and soft blanket.

She’s come a long way since she was found frightened inside a wall. 

Now, she’s a great cat, ready to meet her fur-ever family who will love her endlessly and give her all the attention she needs. With her loving nature, there’s little doubt Arya will find her perfect match.

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