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Woman’s Brilliant Solution To Landlord’s Strict Pet Rule Goes Viral

Woman’s Brilliant Solution To Landlord’s Strict Pet Rule Goes Viral

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Is there anything worse than when your landlord is strict and has all sorts of rules for keeping a pet indoors? Fortunately, clever folks like this TikTok user have some useful tips and tricks to share.

This viral video showcases a cat owner’s ingenious trick for keeping her beloved pet cats in her rented apartment. 

A user going by the name @floridadogm0m is a proud cat mom to two identical white kitties. Now, her landlord is very particular about pets inside, enforcing a “one pet only” rule.

Well… As she captions her TikTok video:

“When your landlord says you’re only allowed to have one cat.”


Renting hack: get two cats that look exactly alike. Landlords can only count money, not cats. #floridadogmom #floridacatmom #catsoftiktok #cat #catslovers #cats

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The two kitties are practically mirror images of each other, their striking resemblance successfully duping the landlord into believing the woman adheres to the “one pet only” rule, when in fact, she has two cats. Hilarious, right? Hahaha.

As seen in the linked video, there are indeed two cats, and they really do look identical. However, the landlord’s belief that they are the same cat has the internet in stitches.

Both cats sport solid-white fur and pointy ears, but they have distinct personalities and genders. One of them goes by Mr. Mayonnaise, while the other cat is Miss Mayonnaise.

two identical cats
Source: TikTok

Their owner humorously captioned the video:

“Renting hack: get two cats that look exactly alike. Landlords can only count money, not cats.”

Many landlords across the US enforce stringent pet ownership rules on their properties. Sadly, this leads to pets being abandoned or even euthanized, as reported by the Humane Society of the United States.

However, there are pet-friendly rental properties available, so the Humane Society encourages pet owners to take their time when searching for a home. 

It’s worth researching pet-friendly options and contacting landlords and realtors for more information. Some properties are open to negotiation and may have additional charges per pet.

The Humane Society of the United States emphasizes on their website: 

“A lease that says ‘no pets allowed’ should never be signed, even if other pets are seen on the property, or if a realtor, manager, or landlord says it’s OK. The only words that matter are the ones written in the lease. If the lease contains ‘no pets’ language, be sure that it is at least crossed out, if not replaced with language approving your pet(s), and both you and your landlord should initial the changes.”

two white cats sitting together
Source: TikTok

What’s the reaction to this hilarious TikTok video? Well, it’s nothing but praise and laughter! One comment in particular stood out:

“No, I swear, it’s only one cat he’s just really fast”

Hahaha! Others jokingly pointed out that it’s all good until both cats are sitting at the same window or asked how the owner tells them apart. 

In the end, the video brought laughter to the TikTok audience, and kudos to the owner for outsmarting a strict landlord!

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