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Woman Shocked To Find Her Cat And His ‘Twin’ In The Yard Unable To Tell Who Is Who

Woman Shocked To Find Her Cat And His ‘Twin’ In The Yard Unable To Tell Who Is Who

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Devi Larsen always had her hands full with Loki, a chubby ball of fur who was more interested in the great outdoors than staying inside where he belonged. Despite her continuous efforts to keep him in, Loki would always find a way out.

His persistent nature eventually led to a compromise – outdoor adventures on a secure leash. However, Loki was no dummy and soon wriggled out of this restraint too. A tight harness seemed to solve the issue, or so Devi thought…

cat in green grass
Credit: Instagram

One day, while working from home, Devi heard a sound that resembled a cat’s scream. She immediately ran out, expecting to find Loki tangled in his leash or caught in a similar mess.

However, what she found was beyond belief – there were two Lokis in front of her, puffing up their fur and hissing at each other.

Describing this bizarre sight in her yard, Devi shared:

“I immediately see I was completely wrong and think I’m either tripping acid or there is another whale of a cat that looks god damn identical to mine.”

While these two were going nuts as if they were in some kind of feline face-off, Devi snapped a photo just in case this other cat escaped. She wanted to post it online to find his owner. However, with the cats looking like twins, Devi couldn’t tell who was who!

two cats in the yard
Credit: Imgur

In a desperate attempt to tell them apart, she continued:

“I have two heathens growling at each other and I have no clue which one is mine.”

When Devi noticed this other cat was wearing a black harness, she was finally ready to intervene.

However, just as she reached for the imposter, Loki slipped out of his harness and launched an attack, tackling the other cat with a force Devi had never seen before.

She recounted the scene on Reddit:

“I finally see the other cat has a black harness so I quickly grab that and go to hold my cat back. Before I can, he launches himself quicker than this jiggly beast has ever moved in his life…and they slap together like pb and jelly.”

female scratched hand
Credit: Imgur

While she tried to pull them apart, Devi also got caught in the fray. First, the imposter scratched her hand badly, and then Loki, in a raging attempt to attack his enemy, accidentally hurt her as well.

Once the chaos finally settled, she rushed Loki back inside, while the imposter ran away. By the time Devi tried to fetch some treats to lure him back, he had already disappeared. 

She left out some food out, hoping he might return, as she shared:

“I wanted to check him out to make sure he was ok but didn’t have time to look for him anymore. I’ve left some food out for him to see if he’ll come back. I figure he might be traumatized but a guy his size needs to keep his calories up.”

gray cat looking into mirror
Credit: Instagram

Acting on the suggestions of Reddit folks, Devi visited a doctor to get a tetanus shot. Fortunately, her wounds weren’t serious, and she soon felt much better. Yet, she had one more amusing anecdote to share.

A few days after the incident, Devi caught Loki staring at his reflection in a mirror. She wondered if he was reminiscing about his wild escapade or simply admiring his own charm.

It was a moment filled with curiosity and mischief, perfectly capturing Loki’s unique personality that she cherished.

cat in a wired catio
Credit: Imgur

To prevent any future cases of double trouble, Devi is determined to keep her beloved Loki safe and sound. She plans to build him a catio in their yard so he can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine but without the risk of any more unexpected surprises!

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