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Woman Welcomes A Senior Cat Into Her Home And Soon Realizes He’s Quite The Talker

Woman Welcomes A Senior Cat Into Her Home And Soon Realizes He’s Quite The Talker

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As cats age their needs and requirements change. And with that, our responsibilities change, i.e., they get bigger. It is sometimes easier when you’ve been living with your cat all its life so you’re more prepared for those changes.

However, it’s a different story when you adopt a cat that is already a senior. Sometimes, people don’t know what to expect. 

Luckily, there are still people that are up to that “challenge”, and that won’t look away from a senior cat in need. Like this woman named Ferozan, and her talkative new senior pet. 

Meet Benson, A Talkative Kitty

Benson lived in Manhattan almost his entire life until his owner passed away. Fortunately, Ferozan came just in time and adopted Benson, but it was not planned…

Benson first ended up in foster care with a woman named Beth, and he was living there with a Siamese kitten named Webster. Ferozan was actually planning on adopting just Webster, but Beth said they only come in pairs. 

“These two cats bonded, so double adoption only.”

Luckily, Ferozan accepted that! 

At the time, Benson was almost 11 years old, and now he is 14 and rocking it. Ferozan admits that she’s never had a Persian cat before, so Benson is her first. 

“I’ve never had a Persian cat, he definitely has a personality.”

She was really surprised when they started living together, how much he liked to talk. 

He really loves to talk, and from what we see on their Instagram profile, he sure is talkative. 

“He is the type of a cat who just talks back. He just is a very vocal cat.”

Whenever anyone talks to him, he will undoubtedly talk back. He’s also very playful and it feels like he is a young cat. As Ferozan says, he’s a boy. It is very hard to believe that he is a senior cat. 

Most people who see him for the first time think that he’s grumpy, but no. He is a lot of things, but grumpy ain’t one of them. 

“He likes to be held, he likes when I give him kisses, he just loves human contact.”

Benson is also extremely cuddly, especially when he’s being groomed. He loves attention, but he’s not too needy. He seems like a perfect pet cat.

However, he does love, love, love his owner’s attention so much that Ferozan sometimes has a hard time leaving the house! 

“He is just one of a kind cat who loves life, and also loves quality of life.”

Ferozan has a total of four cats, but it looks like Benson owns the place. They’re all living their best life together, but Benson seems to be the main cat of the house. 

Friends of Benson’s late owner have contacted Ferozan a few times. They were really grateful that Benson is doing ok, and thankful that he was living his life. They all cared about him too. 

Ferozan explains how Benson will always let her know if he needs something:

“He will let you know if he’s not comfortable, but at the same time, he’s like the sweetest, kindest, needy cat. He’s really a young boy and an old body.”

It is really amazing to hear stories like this and to see how many people there are willing to give a chance to a cat in need. Benson was already a senior cat who had adjusted to a certain lifestyle, at the time he needed a new home.

Ferozan gave him a chance, and it seems like Benson is really grateful for it and he’s showing it as well. 

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