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3 Top Cat Feeders With Collar Sensor + Alternative Options

3 Top Cat Feeders With Collar Sensor + Alternative Options

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The majority of people decide to adopt another cat shortly after getting their first one, once they’ve experienced the joys of cat parenting. However, having two or more cats, especially with different personalities, may sometimes be challenging in many aspects.

The biggest problem I had to deal with when I got my second furbaby was feeding. My younger male cat, called Jack, is highly dominant and greedy. 

When you have a greedy cat like that, the other calmer cat is usually left hungry and unsatisfied. Jack would often growl at my older male cat Lucky and drive him off, wanting all the food for himself.

That was a real problem for me as I always had to separate them or supervise them during feeding time. If you have a multi-pet household, then you know what a nightmare that can be. 

If you want to try to solve that or a similar problem and have a calm, stress-free environment, read on to find out all about the cat feeder with collar sensor, including reviews of the best products, and some useful alternatives to this cat feeder.

What Is A Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor?

cat eating from an automatic feeder

A cat feeder with collar sensor is a device that helps you separate your kitties during feeding time. 

This feeder works by being programmed to recognize the unique RFID of the cat’s collar tag or microchips. This means it only opens for the right cat when it approaches the device and closes when it goes away.

This device was game-changing for many cat parents like me with greedy cats, or with two or more dominant cats, which may result in constant catfights.

The device is also good for many other things. For example, most of these cat feeders with collars have portion control which is good if you want to regulate your cat’s diet. 

They are good for felines on a specific diet or using medicated food. Thanks to this device, other pets cannot consume food that isn’t meant for them.

Now that we have clarified that, keep reading and check out these products I’ve tried for my cats and learn about the benefits of this purrfect device!

My Top Picks!

1. SureFeed Microchip Connect With Hub
2. Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder

Whiskers Autodiet Wireless Pet Feeder – I came to the conclusion that one cat feeder was superior to others after experimenting with numerous collar-sensing cat feeders and alternatives, such as automatic cat feeders.

These two devices turned out to be best for me and my cats. The first cat feeder I bought with a collar sensor was this SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.

This feeder is simply perfect and has everything that a cat owner is looking for in this device. 

The best thing is that you can download the app on your phone and connect the feeder to the phone. 

By doing that, you can control and track basically everything, such as when your cat ate and how long it was eating for, you can set portion control, and many other things.

However, as this Sure Petcare SureFeed feeder was a bit pricey, I decided to get a cheaper one to test for both my felines.

It turned out that sometimes you really have to pay extra if you want the best products. However, I managed to find another perfect cat feeder with collar sensor for a slightly cheaper price. 

I was astonished by Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder because it works well in multi-cat household. 

It can be programmed for up to 8 tags of different cats so that all of your cats can use the same feeder. Unfortunately, you cannot track everything as you can do with SureFeed, but it gives you great insight into your cat feeding schedule.

3 Best Cat Feeders With Collar Sensor With Reviews

Although these devices can be a bit pricey, I assure you that it’s a good investment because this device offers many benefits, especially if you’re busy.

Check out the following products, read my reviews, and may you choose the best one for your feline gang!

#1 SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect With Hub

About The Product

This is a microchip and collar-activated cat feeder that comes with a HUB device. 

So, if you want to track your cat’s feeding schedule, then you need to enable this device with a WiFi connection and sync it with the Sure Petcare app on your phone.

Although this product is very expensive, to me it is worth every dollar as it has a lot of options that you can use. For example, you can track the cat’s food intake through the app.

Moreover, you can set a portion control by using your app and many other things. The lid opens automatically to the registered cat only, which is the best feature of this device. 

Therefore, other cats cannot interrupt the registered cat during feeding time, as the lid closes as soon as the registered cat goes away.

Another useful thing about tracking the cat’s feeding habits is that you can easily notice any changes in the cat’s diet, which in most cases may be a sign of early health issues.

So, when I first got this device, I was really satisfied, but I wanted another one for my other cats. I decided to test a cheaper one, but eventually, I went back to this SureFeeder. My cats adore it, and when they’re happy and satisfied, I am too.

On top of everything, with this device, you also receive a 3-year warranty.

Connect to the app Expensive
Microchip operated
Easy to use and clean
Portion control
3-year warranty
Automatic lid

#2 Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder

Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Collar sensor
  • Food regulator
  • Dispenser

About The Product

This device is a perfect solution for a multi-cat household. It can be programmed for up to 8 tags, so more cats can be fed there; however, you need to provide them with different timings. 

When you do that, the lid will open upon identifying the correct cat and remain open for a predetermined period of time.

Although it can be used for multiple cats, those greedy cats of yours won’t be able to interrupt the cat that is eating at the time. 

So, the device allows only one pet at a time to feed, and if the registered cat is pushed away, the lid will close right away, and the intruder won’t be able to approach the food dish.

This device is perfect for owners who are busy most of the time, and it saves you time feeding every cat separately or, even worse, supervising them.

Finally, you cannot track everything on this device as you can with SureFeed; however, you can gain some information based on your cat’s feeding habits.

One-pet feeding areaTiming-based
Food regulatorFull tracking is not possible
Programmable with 8 tags
Collar sensor

#3 SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Microchip and collar reader
  • Automatic lid
  • Easy to clean

About The Product

This SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is a microchip-activated cat feeder. It is also compatible with an RFID collar that comes in the package along with the device.

This device can be used for one cat only; however, it can be programmed for more cats too.

The best thing about this cat feeder is that it comes with two removable cat food bowls, allowing you to use dry and wet food for your kitty. The removable bowl is simple to wash and clean, however, it cannot be used in a microwave or in the dishwasher.

The negative side of this feeder is that it has no portion control, and that means that the automatic lid will open as soon as it recognizes the right cat approaching the device

So, the cat is free to eat as much as it likes. However, a good side of that is that it prevents other cats from eating specific medicated food that is prescribed for one cat only.

The automatic lid closes when the cat goes away; therefore, other cats cannot continue eating their food. However, you may also control when the lid closes and how quickly.

This cat feeder is great for owners of multiple cats, and the device comes with a 3-year warranty. Another drawback is that it operates only on 4x C batteries.

Microchip and collar readerOperates on batteries only
Split bowls Complete tracking of food intake is not possible
Easy to clean
Great for multiple-cat households
Comes with a 3-year warranty
Automatic lid
Good for cats with medicated food

Best Alternatives To Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor

After providing you with information about these cat feeders with collar sensors that I’ve tested, here are some of the automatic cat feeders that turned out to be the best alternative to cat feeders with collar sensors.

Automatic cat feeders are similar to those with collar sensors; however, they’re much more affordable and easier to use. 

Unfortunately, these feeders may not be helpful with separating the cats and preventing them from eating each other’s food. However, they may be helpful in controlling the cat’s meals and making feeding time easier and faster.

#1 SureFeed Motion-Activated Pet Feeder

SureFeed Motion Activated Pet Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Automatic lid
  • Motion-activated
  • 2-year warranty

About The Product

This SureFeed Motion-Activated Pet Feeder is a great alternative to those with a collar sensor. It’s motion-activated, meaning that the lid will open automatically when the cat or any other pet approaches the cat bowl

That’s not good if you want to keep your greedy cat away, and your kitty may eat as much as it wants. If you want to control the portion, you have to do it yourself. So, don’t put in large amounts of cat food if you want to prevent it from overfeeding.

The feeder has a dishwasher-safe removable bowl that keeps both wet and dry food fresh all the time. 

A negative thing may be that the feeder operates on 4x C batteries, but it will definitely save you some time while providing your kitties with meals.

Motion-activated Operates on batteries
Removable bowlNo portion control
Automatic lid Opens to every pet that approaches the bowl
2-year warranty

#2 Casfuy 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Castuy 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Time control
  • Portion control
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food

About The Product

Even though this selective cat feeder doesn’t have a collar sensor, so it’s open to every cat in the household, it’s still great because it provides you with a lot of different options.

You can control both time and portions of wet and dry food on this feeder to prevent your kitty from overfeeding and to have a better insight into your kitty’s feeding.

Simply put the cat food in one of the five different sections and set the time when your cat will be able to access its food.

Moreover, the device also has a sealed cover that keeps the food fresh when it’s not used, which is perfect if you’re away from home. So, you can still provide your feline friend with a delicious, fresh meal even if you’re not there.

Besides all this, the feeder lets you stay connected with your kitty when you’re not home. You can record a voice message and play it to your cat so that it can feel safe and comfortable while eating.

Unfortunately, this product won’t be able to prevent your greedy cat from bullying other cats when it comes to mealtime.

Additionally, you should be aware that this feeder has a dual power source, meaning it can function on batteries and also includes a charging port to power the bowl.

Time and portion controlEvery cat can eat the food
Suitable for wet and dry food
Dual power supply
Voice recording messages

#3 Pet Safe Healthy Pet Pre-Portioned Food Dispenser

Pet Safe Healthy Pet Pre-Portioned Food Dispenser
Key benefits:
  • Timing control
  • Portion control
  • Slow feeding mode - great for quick eaters

About The Product

This cat feeder has many different options, but it’s only used for dry food. One of the most interesting options that this feeder offers is that it allows pre-determined meals to drop into the bowl at the set time. 

This is especially great if you want to feed your cat according to a special feeding schedule. Plus, it may save you some extra time, especially if you’re a very busy person.

Moreover, if your feline friend is a quick eater or an obese cat, then this feeder will be perfect for it. You can set the feeder at slow dispense, which prevents the cats from eating their whole meal at once. Additionally, it may help train your cat to eat more slowly.

But what if you have more than one cat pet? Worry not! This automatic feeder is great for more cats and helps you save money. 

The only thing that you’ll need to buy is the additional splitter accessory that divides the food into two different bowls so that both of your furry friends may enjoy their meal time together.

Pros Cons
Time control For dry food only
Portion control
Easy to clean
With an additional splitter, it can be good for two cats at the same time
Slow feeding mode

#4 WOPET Smart Feeder

WOPET Smart Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Portion control
  • Smart camera and recorded messages available
  • Use the feeder via the WOPET app

About The Product

The WOPET Smart Feeder has a lot of interesting options that many other cat feeders do not have. You can set it up to dispense around six meals every day, and it is automatic.

Just simply download the WOPET app, and set the time of the meal as well as the portion amount that you want to be released into the bowl.

This is perfect for cat parents who want to control the cat’s feeding schedule and prevent them from eating whenever they want and the amounts they want. What’s even better, is that you can feed the cat manually through the app.

Probably, the best thing about this smart feeder is that it has a secret smart camera that allows you to check on your furry friend or even take pictures when you’re not there.

Also, if you’re not home, you can use the recorded message to let your kitty know that it’s feeding time. 

I think the camera and recorded message options are a great thing for many cat owners, especially busy ones, so they can check on the cat whenever they want.

You can also take photos or video recordings of your feline and share them on the WOPET social network along with other cat owners.

So, besides being very useful, this feeder has some interesting options that may attract cat owners and help them stay connected with their furry friends while they’re away.

Portion controlFor dry food only
Smart camera and recorded messages
Feeding via the WOPET app

#5 WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Manage the feeder through the app
  • Recorded messages available
  • Releases up to 15 meals per day

About The Product

Another great product from WOPET is their automatic cat feeder. This feeder can also be managed through the WOPET app. 

The fact that you can set it to discharge up to 15 meals each day is perhaps its finest feature. That’s perfect for every cat who likes to eat smaller meals but more times a day or for cats who are on controlled diets.

By setting the time of the meal and the portions, you can easily control your cat’s food intake and prevent it from overfeeding and similar issues.

Additionally, when you’re not home, you can easily provide your kitty with a meal through the app, and you can also notify them by playing a recorded message.

The only negative thing about this amazing product is that it is suitable for dry food only. 

The feeder has a 6L food store capacity; you don’t need to think or check whether your supply level is low or too high. The feeder has infrared sensors that notify you if the food storage is full or when the food levels are low.

Release up to 15 meals per dayFor dry food only
Recorder messages available
Infrared sensor
Dual power supply
Manage the feeder through the app

#6 Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder
Key benefits:
  • Portion control
  • Infrared sensor
  • Keeps the food fresh

About The Product

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder is an affordable device that will make cat parenting a lot easier for many cat owners, but it cannot keep a greedy cat away from the food.

However, the ability to regulate portion amounts is what I appreciate most about this device. It can provide the kitty with up to four meals a day at a set time.

In my opinion, this product is perfect for cat owners with only one cat or whose cats are separated in different rooms, especially during feeding time.

The best thing about this automatic feeder is the infrared sensor, and this helps in preventing potential mess. 

Additionally, the gadget will alert you when the food levels are low and stop you from filling the storage to the brim. The storage has a 3lb capacity, and it’s designed to keep the food fresh all the time.

Other benefits of this product are that it’s easy to clean, it has a dual power supply, and you can record a 10-second message and play it for your cat to notify it that it’s mealtime, and keep her comfortable while you’re away.

Unfortunately, one thing I didn’t like about this product is that it’s suitable for dry food only. So, if you combine dry and wet food for your feline, as I do, then you should check for an automatic feeder suitable for both food types.

Pros Cons
Infrared sensorFor dry food only
Easy to clean
Dual power supply
Keeps the food fresh
Portion control
10-second recording message

#7 Purrfect Cat Dish

Purrfect Cat Dish
Key benefits:
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep the dogs away
  • Two bowls for both wet and dry food

About The Product

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative for a cat feeder with a microchip and collar sensor, then I present to you The Purrfect Cat Dish Feeder, which is designed especially for cats.

That means that your greedy cat can still push away the calm cat, but if you have a dog, he won’t be able to steal your kitty’s food.

This feeder has two feeding bowls where you can use both dry and wet cat food; however, be careful not to put large amounts of wet food in it as there’s no airtight lid to keep the food fresh. 

Besides the feeding bowls, this feeder also has a see-through plastic hood. This hood has small holes where cats fit their head if they want to use it. These holes on the hood are great for keeping the dogs away and preventing more mess around the bowls.

Although there’s no automatic lid, this cat feeder is affordable and great if you want to keep your cat safe while eating.

Cheap No automatic lid
Designed for catsNo airtight lid
Keeps the dogs awayNo automatic portion control
Easy to clean
The feeder has two bowls for both wet and dry food
Dishwasher safe

Things You Should Look For In A Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor

tri-color cat waiting near a cat feeder

When buying something, you always need to pay attention to what you want from that specific product. So, when purchasing a cat feeder, you should look for microchipped feeders or those with collar sensors if you have many cats.

So, here are some of the following things that cat owners should pay attention to when buying a cat feeder. Check them out and decide what you want to provide your kitty with!

The Type Of Sensor

You should pay attention to the type of sensor when buying a cat feeder. For example, the majority of cat owners who have multiple cats in the house look for cat feeders that have collar sensors so that the feeder will only open to the right pet. 

This way, they hope to stop their opportunistic cats from stealing food from other cats. However, if you have only one feline friend and you just want to control their feeding schedule and meal portions, then you can choose one of the alternatives to a cat feeder with collar sensors that are activated by motion. 

These are actually great if you need to take better control of their feeding, as you can set the time and portions that you want to feed your cat.

Which Food Type Can You Use?

Before buying a cat feeder with a collar sensor, you should be aware of your needs. For example, when it comes to the type of food, is it suitable for both dry and wet food or for only one of them? 

I make sure that my cats have a nutritional and balanced diet, so I provide them with a combination of top-quality dry kibbles and wet food.

Therefore, when I was looking for an automatic feeder, I wanted it to be suitable for both types of food. Usually, these feeders are more expensive, but if you invest in a good feeder suitable for every cat food type, you’ll save money and time later.

However, if you need it only for dry kibbles, then you can find plenty of automatic cat feeders at different prices.

What is The Price Of The Feeder?

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the price. So, make a list and see how much you can or would like to spend on a cat feeder. 

Cat feeders with collar sensors can be very expensive, so expect to pay at least $200 for one feeder, or even more if you require other accessories.

However, in most cases, these feeders provide you with basically everything and save a lot of your time.

Sometimes, it’s better to buy the best product immediately than spend money on multiple cheaper cat feeders that turn out to be not suitable for you and your lifestyle.

What About Airtight Storage?

If you plan on keeping the cat’s food fresh, then you should look for cat feeders with airtight storage. 

Airtight storage will keep the food fresh so that the cat can enjoy a fresh meal. Moreover, these types of storage prevent ants or other insects from getting in. 

Fortunately, most cat feeders with collar sensors include this feature as well, just like all the other features a cat owner could require.

Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor Vs. Automatic Cat Feeder: Which One Is Better?

woman holding a smartphone to control a cat feeder

Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor

This device can be programmed to recognize an RFID collar tag or a cat’s microchip. This means the feeder opens at the right time to the right cat as soon as it accesses the bowl and closes when it goes away. 

The best thing about this feeder is that you can control the cat’s feeding schedule and portion sizes and prevent other cats and pets, such as small dogs, from eating that food.

It’s also good for kitties that have a specific diet, meaning that other cats with normal diets cannot access that food. 

Most cat feeders with collar sensors are suitable for both dry and wet food and have many different options that can be very useful for busy cat owners.

Automatic Cat Feeder

An automatic cat feeder has fewer possibilities but is way cheaper than a feeder with a collar sensor.

These automatic feeders cannot really prevent other cats from eating the food from the feeder. Therefore, this feeder is perfect for cat parents who are busy as they can control the food portions and set the exact feeding time for their cats.


So, both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages. Cat feeders with collar sensors may be a bit expensive but have a lot of different options.

On the contrary, the automatic cat feeders are able to control the timing and portion sizes only, but are way cheaper than feeders with a collar sensor.

In most cases, automatic cat feeders are suitable for dry food only, which may be another disadvantage for those owners who provide their cats with both dry and wet food.

All in all, which feeder is better actually depends on you, your needs, the number of your feline friends, and similar things. So, it would be best to write a list of things you need from a cat feeder and decide which is the best for you!

How Many Feeders Should You Buy?

smart pet feeder

Most cat owners don’t know how many feeders they should buy. Can you use just one cat feeder, or is it best to purchase many, one for each cat?

The answer to this question usually depends on two main things; the number of pet cats you have and the type of food you use.

One Cat Vs. Multiple Cat Household

If you have only one cat pet, then, of course, one cat feeder will be enough. You just have to buy a feeder that is suitable for both dry and wet cat food if you combine them in your cat’s diet.

One cat feeder with a collar sensor is enough for a multi-cat household too. You can set the time and portions for each cat that is registered with the feeder, and everyone’s satisfied.

If one of your kitties is greedy, one feeder will also be enough. Then you can program the feeder to open to the right pet only so that the greedy cat cannot access its food bowl.

Moreover, if one of your felines has a specific diet, then you can get two feeders. One would be programmed for the cat with the medicated diet and certain portion sizes, while others may be programmed with their normal food.

Different Food Types

As previously mentioned, if your cat’s diet consists of wet and dry food, you can get a single feeder suitable for both pet food types. 

Investing money in that kind of feeder is better than buying separate ones, which may eventually cost you even more.

Final Words

A cat feeder with a collar sensor or one of the alternative automatic cat feeders are great devices that will save you some time and bring peace between your cats.

Most dominant and greedy cats won’t let others eat the food, but that ends with these feeders. You can simply program these feeders to open only to the right cats through the microchip or the RFID collar tag.

You can also control the timing and portion sizes of your cat’s meal or safely provide them with the medicated food they need.

So, check out these best cat feeders and save some time while the feeder provides your felines with a yummy fresh meal!

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