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Why Does My Cat Sit On Me? 12 Most Adorable Reasons

<strong>Why Does My Cat Sit On Me? 12 Most Adorable Reasons</strong>

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I am currently fostering six amazing cats and love caring for them. One of these cats, Judy, is extra-affectionate. Whenever I come home, Judy showers me with love and cuddles.

What makes Judy funny is that she loves sitting on me – my lap, tummy, chest, feet, and even head!

Why does my cat sit on me? What could be the explanation behind my sweet Judy’s behavior? The reasons are pretty adorable.

I have gathered the 12 most probable explanations behind your kitty sitting on you, so continue reading. I hope you’ll enjoy the cute pictures I’ve created for you!

Why Does My Cat Sit On Me?

#1 To Feel Safe

illustration woman reading with cats

Don’t be misled by cats’ reputation for being aloof and independent. Most cat owners will confirm that cats are, in fact, very warm-hearted and loving! 

Even though they are considered solitary, self-sufficient creatures, that’s not always the case. 

Cats like having physical contact with their favorite humans, making them feel safe, and it’s their way of creating (and maintaining) a connection with you.

They also do this so they can be petted and comforted, as they know we will most likely pet them (sneaky!).

#2 Showing You Love

Considering cats cannot communicate with us verbally, they do so with their body language. Cats commonly show their love by staring at you and purring, slowly blinking while looking at you, and by… sitting on you.

Sitting on you, cuddling with you, or sleeping on you, are some of your cat’s methods of expressing love for you!

Various parts of your body can be your cat’s preferred choice of sitting spot. Some cats like lap time only, while others might find your chest the perfect spot for resting. Either way, all that matters is that your cat is expressing its love for you, even if you’re a bit uncomfortable!

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#3 Is Your Cat One Of Those Extra-Cuddly Cats?

cat laying in woman's arms

As we all know, some cats like cuddles and affection more than others. Several factors influence a cat’s desire for closeness, such as the cat’s personality, temperament, past experiences, relationship with the owner, as well as the cat’s breed.

Certain cat breeds are naturally more affectionate than others, meaning they’re more likely to come up and sit on your lap.

Some extra-cuddly cat breeds are:

• Birman

• Ragdoll

• Siamese

• Maine Coon 

• Persian

• Scottish Fold

• Himalayan

• Ragamuffin 

• Sphynx

#4 Hmmm, The Warmth Is Amazing

Do you notice that your cat enjoys sunbathing near the window where sunshine enters during the day? Or being by the radiator or a fireplace? There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this – cats enjoy warmth and warm places!

Cats have a much higher base temperature than humans. Normal cat body temperature is around 100 -102 degrees Fahrenheit.

They purposely look for a way to maintain that temperature without much effort! Guess what – your body heat is a perfect provider of, well, heat! Their owner’s lap is a warm and cozy place; thus, it’s one of their favorite locations.

Warmth also improves sleep quality in cats, so keeping them warm while resting on you benefits their health.

#5 So They Can Rest For A Bit

woman cuddling with cat

Cats are natural-born hunters that are constantly ready to fight and protect themselves against potential predators. It can be said that they always have their guard up, even if they’re house cats.

On the other hand, our kitties don’t want to be on alert all the time. More often than not, they want to relax their body and mind. As a result, they seek secure places where they can relax.

Sitting on you or lying down on you is a way for them to feel safer (especially while they’re sleeping).

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#6 Oops, Territory-Marking On Display

Our kitties are territorial creatures that like to “mark what’s theirs”, which is their nature. To claim their territory at home, they release pheromones generated by their smell glands. 

They leave their pheromones behind when they rub against you, sit on you, or sleep on you!

Therefore, your cat might decide to come and sit on you, simply to mark you as their territory!

#7 Your Cat Likes Hearing Your Heartbeat

woman playing with cats

According to some vets, Cats are lured by the rhythm and sound of our heartbeat. They used to snuggle up to their moms’ bellies as kittens, and now that they’re separated, they do the same with you. It provides a sense of comfort and reassurance.

Your cat appreciates the natural rhythm of your heartbeat and steady breathing. The inhaling and exhaling sound you create when breathing relaxes and comforts your cat to sleep.

#8 Your Cat Has Missed You

Our feline friends miss us when we’re away, no matter how independent they are.

If your cat is being extra-affectionate and starts meowing and purring when you’re there – that’s a sign they’re thrilled you’re back home.

When you come home after a long day at work, you can expect your kitty to run up to you and sit on your lap. If I were you, I would not complain! However, I will admit that some cats don’t choose their sitting position wisely, and in that case, I would complain…

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#9 It’s Your Kitty’s Way Of Showing Trust

cat laying on man's head

Cats will only sit on people they trust. When strangers come to your home, your cat does not immediately jump into their lap to cuddle, right? 

Cats don’t develop trust that easily, and it may take time for a cat to start trusting you completely.

Therefore, you can consider yourself fortunate if your cat frequently rests on your lap! Cat experts also observe that when cats are given the freedom to sit on your lap and depart whenever they choose, they develop trust more easily!

#10 Hmm, Are You Wearing Some Extra-Comfy Clothes?

Most cats I know love fluffy beds, pillows, and blankets. Their texture and material are soft and cozy, which is something cats enjoy. They love soft and comfy places to unwind and snuggle up for the day.

If you’re wearing clothes with a texture your cat finds particularly interesting or comfortable, you can bet your cat will come to sit on you, or rather, sit on your cozy clothes!

Your cat may want to cuddle up to you if you are wearing soft leggings or a fleece shirt as they love the feel of the fabric.

Soft wool or fleece garments are also very appealing to cats. They want to be warm and comfortable; therefore, your cat will be drawn to you if you’re wearing anything furry.

#11 Your Kitty Loooves Your Attention

cats laying with woman

Do you feel like your cat is a tiny bit obsessed with you? Does your cat sit on you when you’re watching a Netflix movie? It might be your cat’s tactic of distracting you, so you’ll pay attention to them more.

Some cats are simply needy by nature. For example, Siamese and Abyssinian cats are well-known for their clingy tendencies.

However, clinginess might indicate something is wrong with your cat, so it’s crucial to investigate what’s causing this behavior.

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#12 It’s A Brief Reminder Of Kittenhood

When a cat sits on your lap or chest, you are most likely to pet them. Because of this, cats choose to go up to their owners and sit on them.

This habit may also be traced back to kittenhood when litters would sleep by pillowing on each other and their mothers. They are reared in this manner throughout their critical development weeks.

The act of caressing that comes with sitting on their owners reminds them of their mother’s grooming. Some cats may knead while sitting on your lap to remind themselves of their “happy kitten days”.

Should I Let My Cat Sit On Me?

It really depends on you! If you don’t enjoy your cat sitting on you, you should discourage that behavior in your kitty. However, most cat owners don’t mind their furry friends coming up and sitting in their lap.

It has been proven that cuddling with pets reduces stress in humans and effectively raises oxytocin levels (a so-called feel-good hormone). This means your cat sitting on you can even be good for your health!


woman hugging with cat

Do Cats Love You If They Sit On You?

Absolutely! If your cat is sitting on you, consider it their way of saying I love you. If you also hear some purrs, think of this as your cat saying I love you most!

Why Does My Cat Sit On Me When I’m Lying Down?

If you’re lying down and your cat sits on you, it simply means your cat wants to spend some time with you! Cats are pretty smart, so lying down is the perfect opportunity for them to get some cuddles!

Why Does My Cat Like Sitting On My Chest?

As cats may have spent a significant portion of their kittenhood with other kittens and their moms, it is commonly believed that the sound and rhythm of your heartbeat is comforting to them, as it reminds them of their littermates and mother.

Because they now consider you family, lying on your chest is likely to keep them feeling peaceful and at ease.

Why Does My Cat Sit On My Laptop?

You might find this answer strange, but your cat is sitting on your laptop because the laptop is warm. Of course, this applies only if your laptop is turned on and you’re using it. Laptops usually get heated after they’ve been used for some time, and your cat knows it (and loves it!).

How Can You Tell If A Cat Has Imprinted On You?

Some of the tale-tell signs a cat has imprinted on you are kneading, rubbing against you, and purring loudly!

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In Conclusion

You’re undoubtedly filled with joy when your cat comes up and sits on you. Cats may be distant and indifferent at times, so it’s a pleasant surprise when your feline pal perches on your lap.

Cats feel safe when they are around their owner or favorite person. They are very similar to us in this aspect, wouldn’t you agree?

Every cat has a distinct personality; some are more affectionate and eager snugglers, while others prefer to be alone and “love you from a distance”. Then there are the lap cats, eager to jump onto your legs and bask in your presence.

There is no need to be concerned if your cat is always sitting on you. Most of the time, your feline friend likes being with you and is looking for attention, protection, and affection.

Consider it an honor if your cat always rests on your lap! You’ve joined the select group of individuals who your cat adores!

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