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This Gentle Giant Was Wandering Around NYC Until A Kind Woman Saved Him

This Gentle Giant Was Wandering Around NYC Until A Kind Woman Saved Him

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I truly admire cat rescue organizations and their tireless efforts to find safe and loving homes for our feline friends. 

Little Wanderers NYC is a rescue organization trying to save abandoned cats in the Bronx area and today’s story is about a special fluffball they rescued.

One of the volunteers who works closely with the organization was walking around the Bronx when she heard a cry for help. She immediately rushed to investigate where the sound was coming from!

cat behind the building curtoin
Credit: Instagram

Behind a construction site was an area where the workers stored all their material. The woman came close only to discover a giant tabby cat meowing as loud as he could. 

She slowly approached the cat and the giant fellow instantly rolled over showing her his belly!

The woman was amazed by his sweet personality, so she started cuddling him while trying to assess his condition. It seemed the giant fellow was in a perfectly healthy state and he cried so loudly just for some attention. 

cat with stripes
Credit: Instagram

The kind woman scooped him up and brought him to her home. She instantly informed Little Wanderers NYC, as they shared on Instagram:

“Goliath was screaming his head off. Maybe he was scared-hungry-cold-recently abandoned-we don’t know but we do know he couldn’t stay where he was. So he was scooped into her arms and he’s now in her bathroom and he’s desperate for a foster home.”

rescued cat sleeping
Credit: Instagram

Goliath was now safe and sound in the woman’s home, patiently waiting for a loving foster home. Luckily, the rescue organization has a lovely community and soon enough they found a foster mom for him!

His foster mom brought him to the vet and thankfully, this sweet boy was perfectly healthy! As they shared in an update:

“He will be neutered tomorrow and is fully vaccinated, FeLV/FIV negative, parasite free and microchipped.”

cat in bedroom
Credit: Instagram

Goliath was fully prepared to find his forever home and his foster mom was amazed by his gentle personality, as shared:

“Goliath has transitioned seamlessly into indoor life, constantly rolling to show you his belly and playing with an assortment of toys. His vet couldn’t even hear his heartbeat because he was purring so hard.”

cat plays in a new home
Credit: Instagram

This gentle boy won over everyone’s heart just by being a real cuddle bug, but who could blame him? After wandering around the streets of NYC he was more than ready to settle in a loving and warm home!

Goliath enjoys his life with his foster mom while patiently waiting for his forever parents to show up. Make sure to follow Little Wanderers NYC and their amazing rescue work!

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