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Devastated Man LeavesHeartbreaking  His Cat In Front Of A Vet Clinic With A Note

Devastated Man LeavesHeartbreaking  His Cat In Front Of A Vet Clinic With A Note

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Our first priority as cat parents is ensuring our feline companions stay happy and healthy. 

However, what happens when suddenly you’re unable to provide care for your beloved feline friend? Well, the man from today’s story sadly faced an emergency he couldn’t handle.

man putting cat in the cage
Credit: YouTube

His gorgeous black cat was pregnant and the family couldn’t wait for her kittens to join them. Unfortunately, one day her dad noticed something was way off. 

Once the labor pain kicked in, it seemed like his cat was struggling to give birth. The man was unfortunately unable to afford an emergency vet, but seeing his beloved cat fighting for her life crushed his soul.

black cat at veterinarian
Credit: YouTube

He packed up her belongings and placed her in a carrier, with a heartbreaking note saying:

“I think her kittens are dying.”

The man left her in front of a vet clinic, hoping his beloved cat would be well taken care of. Fortunately, Dr. Rami was there to save the day. 

a veterinarian getting cat sleep
Credit: YouTube

Dr. Rami dedicated his entire career to help stray animals in need of medical care. So it wasn’t unusual for him to find an animal in need in front of his vet office. 

That day when he came to work and saw our gorgeous black fluffball, he knew he had to act quickly. The poor cat was not even making a sound, it was almost like she was on the brink of survival.

cat lying on vet table
Credit: YouTube

Dr. Rami immediately did an x-ray that proved his worst nightmare to be true. One of her kittens was stuck, as he mentioned in the description of his video:

“One of the fetuses was found dead and swollen in the cervix, which caused dystocia. Without any hesitation, we did quick tests and put the cat into a cesarean section immediately to save it from the disaster that was about to befall her.”

The x-ray revealed one more thing, two more kittens were moving inside her womb. However, after Dr. Rami took them out he noticed that one of the kittens might lose the fight.

black cat with kitten
Credit: YouTube

He tried saving the kitten, but sadly the little one crossed the rainbow bridge just minutes later. 

Mama cat and only one of her kittens survived the fight, but a long recovery journey was still ahead of them. 

man holding cat in arms
Credit: YouTube

Dr. Rami decided to keep them, making sure the little furry family stayed healthy. Thanks to him, more than one innocent life was saved that day.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to care for your cats, surrendering them or rehoming them is the most humane way to handle the situation.

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