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Man Found An Abandoned Kitten But Soon Learned Something Soul-Crushing

Man Found An Abandoned Kitten But Soon Learned Something Soul-Crushing

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Abandoned animals will forever be the reason my heart breaks into a million pieces. Seeing these poor souls scared and alone in the streets makes me realize we share this planet with cruel people.

In today’s story, I’ll tell you about a cruelly abandoned kitten, and the reason will make you livid.

photo of abandoned kitten
Credit: YouTube

A man was walking home from work when he saw a glimpse of what he thought was a kitten. He stopped and approached the abandoned house, trying to find whatever was hiding in those rubbles. 

Once he came close, the man saw a tiny kitten looking right back at him with adorable big eyes. However, once the kitten saw him she immediately went into hiding.

scared abandoned kitten
Credit: YouTube

The poor thing was afraid of humans, not allowing the man to come close to her. He decided to come back the next day and do everything in his power to rescue the little tabby kitten.

The next morning he came ready to save the tiny kitten. However, once he found the kitten’s hiding place, the man quickly realized why she was abandoned in the first place.

The poor soul had her front legs amputated, together with her tail. She probably suffered an injury that led to her losing her legs and tail.

kitten hiding
Credit: YouTube

The man was heartbroken – the thought of someone leaving this special kitten behind brought tears to his eyes. 

However, he was now determined to bring this special kitten to the safety of his home. He waited patiently for her to come out of her hiding place and he quickly scooped her up. 

Since he had no carrier or a cage, the man adorably put her in his backpack. She made herself comfortable inside, with her big eyes fixated on her savior.

vet examining the kitten
Credit: YouTube

Once they came home, her forever dad cleaned her matted and dirty fur and then brought her to the vet. He had to make sure the tiny fuzzball was healthy, before introducing her to his two other cats.

kitten without two legs
Credit: YouTube

Except for a tiny mites issue in her ears, the tiny soul was healthy. The vet prescribed her medication and explained to her dad how to clean her ears.

However, the man soon realized this tiny fluffball was a real cuddle bug. It took her only two days to completely get used to her new home. She enjoyed cuddles, napping on her dad’s lap, and chasing her two older brothers.

two legged kitten looking at cat
Credit: YouTube

The man named her Sister since his three older cats were completely smitten by her. She adored her new toys and the endless amount of attention she received.

Little Sister was still learning to maneuver around with only her back legs, but her dad was there to help her whenever she needed it. Adorably, she soon learned how to stand on her back legs and jump around. 

two legged kitten
Credit: YouTube

With all the love and support from her dad, Sister could finally be a real kitten. I’m so grateful for this kind man, who made sure to provide her with a safe and warm home!

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