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Abandoned Kitten Becomes An Affectionate Cuddle Bug After Experiencing True Love

Abandoned Kitten Becomes An Affectionate Cuddle Bug After Experiencing True Love

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Meet Butterball, the adorable tiny kitten who went from being scared and hiding under blankets to demanding attention with his cute “roars.”

the kitten sits and growls

He was taken to IndyHumane, a nonprofit organization that helps abandoned animals, in Indianapolis, Indiana. At first, he was timid and frightened, seeking shelter under any cover he could find.

Then came Jennifer, a kind foster volunteer from New Kittens on the Block in Indiana, who took him in, named him, and provided a caring home for him. 

a yellow kitten lies on a blanket and looks at the camera

She set up a cozy kitty pen with all the cat essentials like toys and soft beds.

It didn’t take long for Butterball to warm up to his foster mommy! He even started purring and playing with his toys, although some of the noisy ones still made him nervous.

the yellow kitten in front of the camera is laughing

“He’s even purred for me a few times. He’s super playful and likes his new toys; although, some of them that make noise spook him. He gets nervous and hides at unfamiliar sounds.”

As Jennifer spent time with him and showed patience, Butterball slowly began to trust her. He ventured out from his hiding spots, waving his paws in the air and rolling around on the ground. 

the kitten hides under the blanket and attracts attention

Jennifer believed he might have been born to a feral cat and hadn’t been well-socialized with humans.

However, Butterball soon gained confidence and walked right into his foster mom’s lap.

the kitten lies on the blanket on its back with raised paws

Butterball’s transformation continued, and he started to enjoy indoor life. He began meowing and showing affection, seemingly fascinated by everything Jennifer did. He even made dramatic roars for no apparent reason!

Just hear him roar:

As Jennifer says:

“He likes to scream dramatically at his foster mom for no reason.”

a cute cuddly kitten is lying down and looking ahead

Now, Butterball loves being around people and watches their every move. He’s adjusting well to indoor life and will soon be introduced to other resident cats. Jennifer believes he’s eager to make more friends.

the kitten stands on the laminate with closed eyes and laughs

From a shy and scared kitten, Butterball has grown into a confident and affectionate feline who won’t take no for an answer. He’s a testament to how a little patience and love can help a kitten thrive.

I hope you enjoyed Butterball’s transformation and feel free to share it with your friends!

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