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Abandoned Mama Cat Struggling To Survive Decides To Ask For Help

Abandoned Mama Cat Struggling To Survive Decides To Ask For Help

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I’ll never understand why cat owners decide to abandon their cats heartlessly on the street. Today’s story is about a mama cat who was thrown out on the streets once she got pregnant, so buckle up for this heartbreaking story.

A local cat rescue organization was doing their usual feeding around the neighborhood, trying to ease the lives of many stray cats. While they were catching a break in between the feeding, one stray cat decided to put all her trust in these humans.

mama cat carrying her kitten in mouth
Credit: YouTube

A calico beauty emerged from the bushes, carrying a newborn kitten in her mouth. The rescue agents rushed towards the cat, ready to help her.

She gently handed the kitten over to the man, while rushing back to the bushes. One of the rescue agents proceeded to examine the kitten, making sure the tiny fluffball was all right. 

mama cat brought her kitten to a man
Credit: YouTube

Soon enough, mama cat brought another kitten and handed it over to the man. The rescue agents decided to patiently wait for the mama cat, not knowing how big her litter was.

Shortly after, she brought out five kittens in total, however, the last kitten from the litter showed no signs of life…

man helping cat to eat

The rescuers had to act quickly now – they separated into two groups. One group rushed the kitten to the emergency vet clinic while the rest of the rescuers stayed with mama cat and her kittens. 

man holding tiny newborn kitten in hand
Credit: YouTube

However, they noticed how sweet mama cat was. She was not afraid of humans and was a real cuddle bug. They figured she probably used to be an indoor cat, so they decided to ask around.

One of the neighbors quickly recognized the calico cat and shared her heartbreaking story. She used to be an indoor cat, living her best life in a warm home. 

However, once she got pregnant, the family decided to throw her out. They didn’t want to take care of her kittens and left her to fend for herself on the harsh streets. 

veterinarian checking tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

Overwhelmed, the poor mama cat decided to ask the rescue agents for help and luckily they were there to help her!

They brought her to their shelter, while patiently waiting for news from the emergency vet. Shortly after they arrived at the shelter, mama cat realized that one of her kittens was missing and the poor soul was crying desperately. 

mama cat with kittens in a box
Credit: YouTube

Luckily, the kitten was no longer in a life-threatening situation. The vet informed the shelter that the poor baby had experienced a heat stroke and was dehydrated. With proper care and lots of love, the kitten would be able to recover soon enough.

With the help of these amazing rescue agents, mama cat and her newborn babies were finally safe. She could now raise her kittens with the help of the shelter until they find a loving foster home for them. 

mama cat and kittens in front of their house
Credit: YouTube

Despite being abandoned by her previous owners, this brave mama cat never lost her faith in humans. Hopefully, they will find loving forever homes and never face the harsh street life again!

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