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From Skiing To Swimming, This Adventurous Kitty Is A True Sports Aficionado

From Skiing To Swimming, This Adventurous Kitty Is A True Sports Aficionado

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This story reminded me of the traveling cat Nala, not only because both these cats are adventurous, but also because I can’t get all of my cats to go on a leash walk, let alone go skiing or cycling. 

Anyways, maybe one day I’ll travel the world, hahaha… It’ll be good if I travel to a different country with my little rascals. Check out Liebchen’s story and how he got his ski pass. But not only does he like snow, he likes the water too!

Liebchen Loves His Snow Adventures

Liebchen’s owners Dan and Erin saw that he had so much fun traveling with them. When they went skiing, he would sit in their backpacks and be very calm and curious. Which is why they decided to try going skiing with him. 

woman with funny cat on skiing
Photo from: liebchen.travels

“He loved it. He likes the wind in his face.”

They got him full equipment as well. He’s got his own little goggles and a jacket! 

funny cat on skiing
Photo from: liebchen.travels

“He likes to go hang out in the snow and sniff around. And he has his own ski pass.”

cat with skii sunglasses on snow
Photo from: liebchen.travels

Not only does Liebchen like their snowy adventures, but this amazing cat also loves the water too. 

“He just jumped in and we were like Oh my God, he can swim.” 

He loves to sit on a rock and play with the water that’s around him. Liebchen also dips his tail in the water without a problem and paws at the running river. It is clear that Dan and Erin are super adventurous too, so ‘like owners, like cat’, right? 

“When we found out that Liebchen liked the water, we wanted to take him on a paddleboard just to see how he would do. We sat him on a paddleboard and he just plopped down and was like all right, here we go.”

It is clear that Liebchen feels extremely safe and relaxed with his two owners. He loves their paddle boarding adventures, the snow, the water… It’s like he has no fear.

cat with glasses on the lake
Photo from: liebchen.travels

Ever since he was a kitten, Liebchen wanted to go and explore the great outdoors. He kept meowing at the door, and they started bringing him with them wherever they went. 

cute cat in the car
Photo from: liebchen.travels

He looks so relaxed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat that enjoys car rides as much as Liebchen does. 

“We have taken Liebchen on many, many road trips. We just make sure he’s got some toys for the car, a portable litter box, and plenty of treats.”

This might be useful for you dear reader if you happen to be thinking about bringing your cat on a car ride or some sort of adventure. Liebchen sure seems to enjoy it, and you can’t know if your cat does unless you try. 

“Liebchen knows the car means it’s going to be fun.”

He loves looking out the window, he is completely relaxed and feels safe enough to take a nap at any time during the car ride, which I find amazing!

Sadly, Liebchen Has A Heart Condition

cat with rescue belt on the lake
Photo from: liebchen.travels

Erin and Dan adopted him when he was just 10 weeks old. When they first laid eyes on him, they immediately fell in love. 

“When we took him to the vet, they diagnosed Liebchen with a heart murmur. So we were scared, we didn’t really know what to expect.”

However, their vet informed them about the things they needed to look after and it was all fine. They were able to do anything they’d do with any other cat with Liebchen. As we can see, they’re doing that, and so much more. 

cat in nature
Photo from: liebchen.travels

“Regardless of what’s going to happen, or what the future holds, we wanted him to have the most full and amazing life ever.”

It sure looks that way. Liebchen goes everywhere with his owners. And I know, not everyone has an opportunity to do the same with their pets. 

I, for one, know I can’t take my cats wherever I go, but still, I don’t take them for granted either. What’s important is that we always find some time for our pets and that we provide them with everything they need. 

If you are not ready to, or for any reason you can’t, take care of a cat, then don’t get one at all. There are so many cats that get abandoned or thrown out because their owners weren’t aware that getting a cat meant a lifetime commitment. 

Anyway, to get back to Liebchen, he’s doing just fine. He goes on hikes almost every day with his owners. 

woman and cat with skii glasses
Photo from: liebchen.travels

He’s visited many countries and cities across the world, and he was able to be a cat in all of them, haha. Wherever they go, he sniffs around, smells things, and climbs logs, trees, or rocks. He’s a curious and adventurous cat that’s living his life to the fullest.

ginger cat in mountain
Photo from: liebchen.travels

“We’ve just been keeping an eye on his heart murmur, and in his recent visits, it looks like it’s healed itself.”

This is fantastic news! Dan and Erin will continue to explore new trails, as Liebchen likes to do, and try out new things. As Erin says:

“Everything is just better when he’s with us.” 

I believe all of us cat owners can relate, everything really is better when our cats are with us. 

If Liebchen’s story has stirred your imagination and you’re thinking about traveling with your cat, check out this list of hotel cats whom you might like to meet. They also look like perfect places for traveling with your cat. 

Or if you haven’t traveled before, and you’re thinking of taking a day trip, check out these cat-friendly cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your beloved pet!

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