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Arizona Organization Comes To The Rescue Of A Tiny Kitten Trapped In The Ceiling

Arizona Organization Comes To The Rescue Of A Tiny Kitten Trapped In The Ceiling

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A small meow broke the quietness of an apartment building, echoing strangely from an unknown place. 

This was what happened to a two-week-old kitten called Nala, who was stuck in the ceiling of an apartment building. Luckily, the sound of her cries caught the attention of the right person…

One day, the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) got a really strange phone call: loud cries were coming from the ceiling of an apartment building. 

AHS wasn’t sure what was going on, so they sent their emergency animal medical technicians, Kenzee and Julie, to check it out and try to save the day. 

When Kenzee and Julie got there, they followed the desperate meows and used heat sensors to figure out exactly where they were coming from. 

With a lot of care and precision, they made a hole in the ceiling and discovered a tiny, dramatic scene. Kenzee reached into the unknown and, surprise! 

She pulled out the tiniest, fluffiest little fuzzball named Nala, who had been causing all the fuss. After escaping from her ceiling prison, Nala couldn’t help but let out a huge sigh of relief. It was amazing how such a tiny creature could make such a loud noise!

However, because Nala was still young and small, it was really important for her to get help right away. The team quickly brought her to the Lazin Animal Foundation Trauma Hospital at AHS, where she could finally get the care she needed. 

The poor thing was really skinny and thirsty, and she had some small cuts on her tummy. On top of that, she was also dealing with a respiratory infection. If she had stayed stuck in the ceiling any longer, nobody would have heard her cries for help. 

Luckily, Nala’s cries were heard by the right people, and after a couple of days of receiving special attention at the medical center, she was prepared for the next phase of her journey. 

Kenzee couldn’t resist the adorable little kitten’s appeal and decided to provide her with temporary care. 

Over the course of a few months, Nala flourished under Kenzee’s affectionate nurturing, becoming stronger and more self-assured. 

And now, Nala is all set to embark on the next adventure of her life – finding a forever home filled with love and care. I really hope she has an amazing life and finds all the love in the world that she deserves.

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