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Benevolent Woman Turned This Stray Kitten’s Life Around By Offering Her A Loving Forever Home

Benevolent Woman Turned This Stray Kitten’s Life Around By Offering Her A Loving Forever Home

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Thanks to a kind-hearted woman, this little kitten’s life turned around. The woman noticed a young starved kitten wandering all alone in her neighborhood.

The tiny kitten was barely five weeks old, and the woman couldn’t bear the thought of leaving it alone. She took the kitten home and decided to ask for some help.

When Nadia, who works at a local animal rescue, heard about the tiny stray kitten, she immediately came to help. Nadia took the kitten to her rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal. Celine from the rescue said:

“We named the kitten Nannah. She was so small and weighed barely a pound.”

No one knew for how long Nannah had been all alone outside, but one thing was for sure – she was underweight and had stomach issues. Celine said:

“She was vulnerable living outside without a mom at such a young age. We are glad that we got her now.”

The best thing was that the kitten was very friendly and confident. She wasn’t afraid at all, which was a huge benefit for her future.

Everyone enjoyed working with Nannah as she would start purring as soon as someone would touch her.

After receiving the necessary care, Nannah was taken into foster care. Three rescue volunteers, Manon, Anais, and Eva, took turns caring for the kitten. They nursed her back to health and helped her wean.

When Nannah came to her foster home, she was so excited. She met other cats and dogs who were abandoned just like her. They all quickly bonded, and Nannah became the young sister that they never knew they needed.

Nannah is one brave and fearless kitten who doesn’t mind walking up to other cats and dogs to meet them. She will follow them everywhere, try to play or cuddle with them, and won’t take NO for an answer. 

She’s a tiny furball full of energy that no one can escape from. Celine said:

“She always goes to them and needs to be around them. She wants to know what they are doing and is a bit of a diva herself.”

She added:

“Nannah has learned to eat on her own by watching and mimicking the house cats. They have taught her boundaries and tolerated her many antics. She may be the smallest one in the house, but she is the most feisty little princess.”

Furthermore, besides her feline and canine friends, Nannah enjoys supervising her humans too. She supervises them from a distance and then slowly creeps up on them. 

Nannah is such an entertaining kitten who makes her foster family laugh every day. Nothing would have been the same without her. She’s always the center of attention and won’t let something or someone steal her place.

Whenever she spots someone on a computer, she comes running to offer “help” by gracing the keyboard. She just wants to know what everyone’s doing.

Despite her heart-breaking past, Nannah is now a happy kitty who’s determined to never be alone again. She loves hanging out with humans and her furry friends.

Therefore, I hope that Nannah will find a fur-ever home and a loving family with furry friends to keep her entertained for the rest of her life.

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