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Stray Cat’s Daily Dog-Walking Routine Finally Earns Her A Forever Home

Stray Cat’s Daily Dog-Walking Routine Finally Earns Her A Forever Home

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Sometimes the best friendships blossom when we least expect them. We sit by someone on our first day of college or strike up an interesting conversation with a coworker on a coffee break, and voilà – a friendship is born!

This remarkable ability to form strong bonds is not only reserved for us humans. Animals are also adept at making friends, and not just with their own kind, but with other species, too.

The power duo we have today is a great example of that!

Meet Mila And Mika, The Cutest Friends You’ll Ever See

grey cat and white dog
Source: milaplusmika

Mila is a 6-year-old Maltipoo puppy who always loved going on walkies with her mom, Jeniffer. 

However, one day, their walks took an unexpected turn when a beautiful gray feral feline from their neighborhood decided to partake in their outdoor adventures. 

It seemed that the kitty enjoyed the activity so much that she thought what a wonderful idea it would be if she joined them sometime again. 

Jeniffer told The Dodo that kitty wasted no time memorizing their schedule. She said:

“As soon as she hears us come out, she would jump out from anywhere and start following us around.” 

The kitty loved going on walks! Every day and night, she was there in front of their door, waiting for them to come outside. However, besides being a walking enthusiast, she had a special affection for Mila. 

white dog with shoes
Source: milaplusmika

Jeniffer shared:

“She’s following my dog next to her, rubbing up against her. She wouldn’t give my dog, Mila, any personal space.”

The feline friend accompanied Jeniffer and Mila on their walks for about a week, waiting eagerly by their door every day and night. She was so fond of Mila that, at times, Jeniffer had to carry Mila home because their feline friend couldn’t resist being close.

However, since it was wintertime and the temperatures were low, Jeniffer felt sorry for the poor fluff and decided to take her in. She got her everything a cat could need and named her furry newcomer Mika.

cat and dog in a house
Source: milaplusmika

Mika was extremely timid in the beginning. Since she was not used to being an indoor feline, she found everything scary and intimidating. 

Even though she kept her distance from Jeniffer at first, she was never afraid of Mila!

Mila did her best to help her new friend feel safe and comfortable. It took some time, but all the effort was soon worth it. 

In a matter of days, Mika was back to her old self! She quickly returned to her Mila obsession routines. The power duo figured out their own ways of hanging out, playing together, and generally having a great time.

cat and dog hugging each other
Source: milaplusmika

However, just like any other feline out there, Mika had one preferred way of spending time: Grooming! 

Whenever she would be done with her meticulous self-grooming sessions, she’d move on to prepping her new bestie! 

Jeniffer shared with The Dodo:

“At first, my dog was so confused because she didn’t know why she was licking her. After several weeks, my dog started grooming her back!” 

Just look at how adorable they are! 

This bonding moment was definitely pivotal for their relationship!

Back To Walkies, Or?

After Mika’s adjusting period, Jeniffer wanted to see if she would be willing to go on walks with them like she used to do. 

However, it turned out Mika preferred indoor life more and wished to stay inside. Who could blame her, really? 

After all, she fulfilled her mission! She found a nice lady, turned her into a cat person, got adopted from the streets, and now gets to enjoy all the benefits of a warm home. 

grey cat sleeping in the house
Source: milaplusmika

As her new mom said:

“She helped me change my mind about cats. She followed us and decided she’s going to make herself ours, and it worked! Now, I don’t know what Mila and I would do without Mika. She’s part of the family!”

I encourage you to keep up with Mila and Mika on their Instagram and TikTok profiles. They’re truly an amazing duo and their friendship is beyond inspiring. You definitely don’t want to miss their fun adventures and play sessions like this one:

If you have a similar story to share, please don’t be shy! We love to hear about your furry friends, too!

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