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Blind Cat With A Weak Leg Was Stuck In The Snow Until This Brave Boy Came To The Rescue

Blind Cat With A Weak Leg Was Stuck In The Snow Until This Brave Boy Came To The Rescue

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Winter can be harsh and tricky, especially for outdoor cats. Just like that, it tricked this blind orange and white feline who got stuck in the snow.

The poor cat was spotted outside in the snow. Despite his blindness, he was also stumbling in the snow due to a weak leg, desperately seeking help.

Fortunately, one of the people who noticed the cat shared a rescue request on social media, and community volunteers immediately sprang into action.

However, when they arrived at the location, the cat was nowhere to be found. The rescuers soon found out they were late, as someone else had already rescued the cat.

It was the brave 12-year-old boy named David who didn’t hesitate but helped the cat as soon as he had seen it. 

Later on, the rescued blind feline was surrendered into the safe hands of Chatons Orphelins rescue. One of their people, Celine, said:

“David picked him up and took him home to his parents. The cat was exhausted, couldn’t run, and moved slowly in his condition.”

Before surrendering the cat to the rescue, David and his parents secured the cat indoors and lovingly named him Oskar. 

In the meantime, the volunteers who also searched for the cat, Veronique and Guylaine, offered to help as soon as they learned David saved the cat.

When they saw Oskar, they instantly noticed his weak back limb, especially the one that kept bending in the wrong direction. 

Upon closer inspection, the volunteers realized Oskar was also blind, which explains how he got lost. 

Despite everything, Oskar remained a sweet and loving kitty, grateful for the rescue. He received some fluids and food, and then he snuggled in a warm blanket, falling deep into the dreamland.

The next morning, the volunteers contacted the Chatons Orphelins rescue for assistance and medical care, and fortunately, they welcomed Oskar with open arms. Celine described the moment he arrived at the shelter:

“When he came to us, he was not doing well. He had a high fever, was dehydrated, and weighed only 2.5 kg (5.5lb). He was fighting a serious infection.”

Oskar stayed at the hospital, receiving round-the-clock care to stabilize his health. Slowly, but surely, Oskar regained strength and was able to stand on his feet again.

Thanks to the good news, Oskar was finally ready to go to his foster home and continue his journey to recovery. 

After he arrived at the foster home, Oskar shocked everyone with his easy-going personality. 

He instantly settled into his new space and transformed into the most adorable purring machine. His foster carer said:

“He is a little gentleman and has a lot to say, especially when he waits for his food. He is blind due to retinal atrophy, but he is doing well. He moves by sound and navigates the house so well that you wouldn’t know he’s blind. One of his hind legs is possibly missing a ligament, which causes his ankle to twist.”

Oskar quickly blossomed in his foster home. He gained some weight and even plenty of energy. With that, he also gained more strength in his legs, which allowed him to walk better on his own.

Despite everything he has been through, he remained a lovely kitty, always chatting with people around him.

With his charming personality, there’s no doubt that a bright future awaits him. I’m sure Oskar will find a loving forever home in the blink of an eye.

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