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Sphynx Cat With Tattoos Rescued From A Prison Gang Starts A New Life

Sphynx Cat With Tattoos Rescued From A Prison Gang Starts A New Life

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I’m sure you have already heard about Sphynx cats. These kitties are unique because they’re almost hairless. 

Their skin is visible and very sensitive, but no one could assume that someone would want to tattoo a nearly hairless cat…   

Sphynx cat in hands
Source: Reuters

This poor cat, known as a “narco cat,” was rescued from a Mexican gang that mistreated and tattooed it. 

The cat was rescued from Cereso No 3 state prison by authorities following a New Year’s Day prison break, which resulted in the death of 10 guards and seven inmates.

Everyone was shocked when the authorities found the Sphynx cat in prison. However, the worst thing about that discovery was that the cats had been tattooed on both sides of the body by the members of the Mexican Gang.

a stamp on cat
Source: Reuters

The cat’s tattoo said: “Hecho en México,” which means “Made in Mexico.”

After seeing the cat’s mistreatment by the criminals, officers started looking for other animals held captive in the facility.

The cat was quickly put up for adoption. Hundreds of people felt sorry and became interested in this tattooed feline, and many people wanted to adopt it. 

woman with sphynx cat
Source: Reuters

Because of that, a committee was formed in Ciudad Juárez to select the best home for this tattooed cat among many applicants, including seven from the US, two from Juarez, and one from Oaxaca.

After checking all the applicants, the committee finally found a perfect owner for this beautiful Sphynx cat. They decided to send the cat to a new home in the US. 

popular sphynx cat in front of journalists
Source: Reuters

Unfortunately, we don’t know the owner’s identity for their safety. What we know is that the person is from Texas, and had met all the requirements, especially because they already have one Sphynx cat.

Many animals are mistreated every day, and I hope that this will come to an end! Hopefully, each animal will be able to get a second chance and a new start, just like this tattooed Sphynx did.

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