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Cat With OCD Found Her Forever Home Despite Losing Both Her Eyes

Cat With OCD Found Her Forever Home Despite Losing Both Her Eyes

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Let me introduce you to Princess Zara, an extraordinary cat who has defied all odds. After undergoing three surgeries to heal her injured eyes, Zara unfortunately lost her sight. 

Luckily, she has managed to flourish and find happiness in her forever home filled with love. 

blind cat
Source: Instagram

However, Zara’s life wasn’t easy at the beginning. She used to be a homeless kitten, all by herself and in desperate need of help. 

Thankfully, animal rescue organizations stepped in and provided her with the medical care she required. After making an amazing recovery, she was ready to start a new chapter.

Things took a positive turn in Zara’s life when Natalja, a woman who noticed her, was deeply touched by her strength and decided to adopt her.

woman holding blind cat
Source: Instagram

Even though Zara lost her vision, she thrived under Natalja’s care. Natalja gave her a safe home, plenty of food, and all the care she needed. 

Natalja also made an effort to teach Zara a few things, like how to follow commands. Being a quick learner, she easily grasped commands like “sit” or “fetch!” However, there was another hurdle she had to overcomeObsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 

This condition caused her to engage in repetitive behavior, such as walking in circles. Just like humans, animals can also face behavioral challenges. Still, thanks to Natalja’s loving and caring home, Zara found the perfect environment to thrive and grow. 

woman and blind cat
Source: Instagram

Zara’s situation gives the idea that animals with disabilities can’t lead fulfilling lives, but her playful and affectionate personality proves that they can thrive when given the proper care and surroundings. 

blind cat and apples
Source: Instagram

It’s truly heartwarming to witness this cat flourishing with the love and care she truly deserves. If you’re interested in witnessing her growth and progress as well, you can check out her Instagram where her owner regularly shares updates.

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