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Blind Kitten Refused To Let Go Of Her New Dad Until She Became Daddy’s Girl Forever

Blind Kitten Refused To Let Go Of Her New Dad Until She Became Daddy’s Girl Forever

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One chilly day, a caring individual brought a tiny kitten into the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG). The moment she arrived, the rescue team noticed something unique about her — the poor feline was born with no eyes.

However, the adorable kitty didn’t seem bothered by her lack of sight. She bounced around with joy and was full of spirit. Holly Gilbert-Jones, one of the volunteers at DARG, shared:

“She obviously has no understanding or idea that she was any different than any of the other cats. She would be zooming up and down the hallway.”

The charming feline won over everyone who met her. However, Holly was the one who felt the deepest connection and chose to foster her. She named her Lucky June and the two companions thrived in each other’s company, as Holly shared:

“There’s something about her. It’s like she radiates this joyful energy from her. Everyone who sees her just kind of falls in love. She has this gift of winning people over.”

Meanwhile, DARG searched for a perfect family to welcome June into their home and make it her forever happy place. They posted her photos on their Facebook page and shared the news about her availability.

Due to June’s blindness, the shelter set specific requirements for her adoption. They preferred a family experienced with blind cats and recommended no dogs. With a proper introduction, they believed June would get along with other cats.

Upon seeing the post, Andrew and Rebecca, a loving couple, felt instantly drawn to June. They applied for adoption, with their hearts already claiming the kitten as their own before they even met her.

When they entered the room where June awaited, it was as if destiny itself arranged their meeting. She nestled in Andrew’s arms like they’d known each other forever. He shared:

“From the word go, we fell in love. She curled up in my arms, and I gave her a nice cuddle, and since then, we’ve been very, very tight. She’s very loving — she’s probably the most loving animal I’ve ever come across.”

man holding a kitten
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

With the adoption approved and the happy family on their way home, June climbed to Andrew’s neck and found her forever happy place. With a sense of belonging that melted the couple’s hearts, she became their beloved “daddy’s girl”. Rebecca shared:

“She just curled into his neck and stayed there. On the way home, I got a little tag that said ‘Daddy’s Girl’ because I realized, ‘Well, that’s it. He’s become hers.’”

guy, cat and car
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

However, getting cozy with the couple’s two cats back at home didn’t go as smoothly. There were some hissy fits and cold shoulders, even a couple of “girl fights”. Recalling those moments, Andrew said:

“We were a little bit worried about June integrating with them, and the first couple of weeks, there was a lot of hissing and chaos.” 

cat and tabby kitten
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

Slowly but surely, June’s irresistible charm worked its magic until she found her way to her new sisters’ hearts. Rebecca couldn’t help but smile at the joy and happiness June brought into their home, sharing:

“She was determined to be with them and was very persistent about playing with them. Now they’re very much sisters, and they love each other.”

two adorable cats laying together
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

June doesn’t let her blindness stop her from enjoying life. She loves going on walks with her new family and bounces around without a care in the world. She has an amazing sense of hearing and keeps surprising Andrew, who shares:

“When we take her for walks, it’s amazing to see her react to sounds. She’ll hear a bee around the flowers, and she’ll leap at it. Or she’ll hear birds and suddenly turn.”

cat on a pink leash
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

The endearing kitten truly savors simple life pleasures and embraces each new day in her new home. But what she loves most is her time with daddy. Whenever he’s on the couch, she hops onto his lap, purring happily.

man playing with a kitten
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

June has inspired Andrew and Rebecca to enjoy life more and find beauty in each passing moment. As Andrew shares:

“Despite the fact that she can’t see, she just goes. She leaps off things and figures things out… When she walks, she has to sniff everything… It’s actually quite wonderful because it calms us. I think she teaches us.”

cat with red leash
Source: Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

Indeed, we can all take a cue from June and learn to find happiness in each day and cherish life’s smallest treasures!

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