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Kitten Gets Adopted, Loses His Vision, And Finds Comfort Next To The Family Cat

Kitten Gets Adopted, Loses His Vision, And Finds Comfort Next To The Family Cat

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Cats living on the streets often struggle to fend for themselves, and adapting after rescue can be quite a challenge. But can you imagine how much harder it is for a tiny kitten? 

This little ginger kitten, rescued from the streets, seized his chance at the best life possible, not letting his health issues hold him back.

The kitten, later named Stevie, was brought into an animal shelter. He was in pretty rough shape—weak, starving, and suffering from infected eyes. 

Thankfully, Stevie found himself in the caring hands of SpokAnimal in Washington, where he received the help he desperately needed. Jamie Myers, from SpokAnimal, shared:

“The folks at our local shelter (SpokAnimal) saw value in his life, and they saved him. They performed life-saving surgery to remove both of his eyes and asked me if I would like to foster him.”

Losing his eyes meant Stevie would be blind, but it also meant he’d be free from pain. The crucial thing is that Jamie didn’t hesitate to welcome him into her home.

From day one, Jamie was all in, syringe-feeding Stevie until he was strong enough to eat on his own and providing 24/7 care to ensure his comfort and safety. 

Stevie’s recovery was swift; he gained strength, started eating independently, and began exploring his new world. His playful nature quickly came to light, especially once he discovered his favorite toys.

Despite his blindness, Stevie became a lively bundle of joy, always ready to play with his fellow foster cats.

Among all his new friends, one cat had a special place in Stevie’s heart – Waffles. There was something in Waffles that attracted Stevie. Waffles warmly accepted Stevie, leading to a beautiful furriendship.

Stevie became Waffle’s faithful shadow, following him everywhere, mirroring his actions, and learning from him. Waffles encouraged and taught Stevie all the essentials of cat life, from navigating furniture to climbing stairs, with patience and care.

Waffles is a lovely and gentle feline who took Stevie under his wing and taught him everything he needed to know, and how to “cat.” They share a unique bond.

On the other hand, Stevie turned out to be a wonderful kitten, bringing endless joy and vitality into Jamie’s foster home. She said:`

“I knew from the moment I saw him that we were his forever family.”

Stevie’s story is a testament to resilience and the beauty of second chances. From a challenging start to finding a loving home, a human, and a best friend in Waffles, Stevie’s journey is a heartwarming reminder that good things are worth waiting for.

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