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Cat Learns To Open His Cage, But Watch What Happens As He Tries To Make A Break For It

Cat Learns To Open His Cage, But Watch What Happens As He Tries To Make A Break For It

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This crafty cat staged an escape that could give any blockbuster heist a run for its money. Picture Tom Cruise, but as a cat – sly and smart. 

Like a pro spy, this British Shorthair cooked up a scheme to outwit his humans and snag a brief taste of freedom.

cat opens a cage
Credit: YouTube

With some clever pawing and strategic nudging, he pops the latch open like a top-notch locksmith. Seeing him skillfully manipulate the lock, inching towards his freedom, is quite the spectacle.

As the door swings open, our bold escape artist pauses briefly. Is this it? Is he really about to dive into the adventure of a lifetime?

cat learns to open a cage
Credit: YouTube

Then comes a twist straight out of an epic cat tale: his human is right there, catching him red-handed! Does our intrepid adventurer panic or retreat in shame? Not at all. Instead, he pulls off something even bolder.

Pulling a move that would impress Houdini himself, our clever cat quickly changes course. With a casual tail flick, he goes back into his cage, shutting the door behind him, as if he’s saying,  “Who, me? Trying to escape? Never!” 

This is the epitome of cat intelligence and slyness in action. 

Just picture it! What a sly cat. This cunning feline really knows how to keep us guessing. His escape act was straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, leaving me breathless for a second. 

Just when it seemed he was off to freedom, he noticed his owner recording the whole thing.

Right when it looked like he was about to make a break for it, he spotted his human. It was a close call, but this smart cat quickly returned to his cage, acting like nothing ever happened.

I must say, I never expected him to be so quick on his feet. Who would have guessed our adorable pets could be such geniuses?

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