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20 Cuddling Kitty Photos You’ll Want To Share With Your Friends

20 Cuddling Kitty Photos You’ll Want To Share With Your Friends

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Sometimes cats can seem uninterested or act like loners, but they are social creatures by nature, after all. The following 20 photos prove that some cats not only like to socialize, but even have a best friend!

These buddies share a special bond. Love, friendship, and cuddliness are vivid in these photos.

1. We come in a pair!

Double trouble
by u/Objective-Yak-4081 in Bondedpairs

2. We do everything together… I mean, everything!

Theses sisters do everything together, including begging for food!
by u/zootowngirl in Bondedpairs

3. From birth to old age… too cute!

This subreddit was the reason I got these two and I’m so happy that I did
by u/PudMD in Bondedpairs

4. Everything’s better with a friend by your side.

My cats would rather sleep in the same bed than in by themselves
by u/PringlesGaming in Bondedpairs

5. We can never be too close to one another!

Adopted 6 years ago but bonded for over 16 years!
by u/aves33 in Bondedpairs

6. As long as we’re together

This is fine
by u/lumileopardi in Bondedpairs

7. We’re playing, so what?

Sparta and Athena couldn’t even pretend to behave for 5 seconds
by u/RookieAndTheVet in Bondedpairs

8. Bestest Furriends

Bonded by holding tails~
by u/ssknurt in Bondedpairs

9. Always by your side…

Two brothers too hot to sleep in the same bed but they still gotta touch paws.
by u/Something_impersonal in Bondedpairs

10. They love each other

My two babies
by u/Dr_Titty_Talks in Bondedpairs

11. A strong bond indeed!

Ham & Cheese love to watch movies. Litter mates, found abandoned at a lake nearly 5 years ago.
by u/npalhs in Bondedpairs

12. Cat Bromance

Squid’s tail wrapped around Otter is the cutest part of this photo
by u/wanderingpages in Bondedpairs

13. Let me just squeeze right in

My two boys, always wanna be together but they are both big and don’t fit in the bag together lol
by u/kryptonitenickyxx in Bondedpairs

14. You’ve got a friend in me…

They always walk like this
by u/eIisus in Bondedpairs

15. Sometimes, bonding takes time

Lumos and Jellie hated each other last week. Now they’re besties.
by u/guppylovesyarn in Bondedpairs

16. Napping is good, but napping next to you is the best!

All my cats get along great, but here are some of my original pairs!
by u/Original-Ad-5487 in Bondedpairs

17. You can feel the love

This orange guy loves allll the other cats. Three cats plus two humans is *almost* enough for his needs.
by u/RogueThneed in Bondedpairs

18. Always together

Foster cat boys, found a home together ❤️
by u/s-dai in Bondedpairs

19. One brain, two bodies

Trader Joe’s had a good selection of cats today
by u/Allthingsplants00 in Bondedpairs

20. It’s a matter of time before they merge into one

The very rare 2 headed cat
by u/Careful-Ad-540 in Bondedpairs

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