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Mama Cat Takes Care Of An Abandoned “Kitten” Who Looks A Bit Unusual

Mama Cat Takes Care Of An Abandoned “Kitten” Who Looks A Bit Unusual

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In a world where hearts and paws often align in the most unexpected ways, Honeybun, an orange cat with a heart of gold, has become the epitome of the best mother at the shelter.

Spicy Cats Rescue found her and brought her to safety through the TNR program, and ever since she has been an amazing caregiver to other cats and kittens there.

One particular kitten in her care stands out because of her unusual appearance and because she’s way bigger than any other kitten Honeybun has ever taken care of…

cat and bobcat kitten
Credit: Facebook

Honeybun’s journey into motherhood began with a mission to nurture her own kittens. However, her boundless maternal instincts soon led her to foster many more. As Caroline, the president of Spicy Cats Rescue, shared in an interview:

 “She is the most even-keeled cat ever. She’s not fazed by about anything.”

mama cat lying
Credit: Facebook

Honeybun’s calm and composed demeanor made her the perfect candidate to care for many kittens that came through their doors.

Just when everyone thought Honeybun had retired from her mommy duties, destiny brought a unique challenge her way. 

Another little “kitten” arrived and even though it looked very unusual, Honeybun embraced the role of a mother once again without hesitating. 

photo of bobcat kitten
Credit: Facebook

This new “kitten” was a 6-week-old bobcat rescued by Millstone Wildlife Center. The center’s goal was to raise and rehabilitate the bobkitten, preparing her for a return to the wild once she was big and strong enough. 

But before that could be done, this baby bobkitten cried, desperately searching for a fellow feline companion. She needed care no human could provide…

bobcat kitten and mama cat
Credit: Facebook

Besides that, Frannie from Millstone Wildlife Center explains how they do their best to help wild animals in need, but they also need to be very careful not to get them too used to being around people.

“We do our best to provide the best nutrition, habitat, and medical care for our animals. With animals that easily habituate, we need to be especially careful that they are not comfortable around humans. That is tricky when you have a social animal that needs playtime, snuggle time, and a little help with grooming too.”

bobcat kitten
Credit: Facebook

The team at Millstone Wildlife Center decided to think outside the box and reached out to Spicy Cats Rescue for help. They were looking for a surrogate mom who could offer the kind of companionship the bobkitten desperately needed. 

And you guessed it, Honeybun was the perfect candidate! As Caroline shared:

“Honeybun was an easy pick, being so maternal and having raised probably dozens of kittens in the past.”

domestic cat and bobcat kitten
Credit: Facebook

When the kitten met Honeybun, it felt like a match made in heaven. Honeybun was comfortable, calmly waiting for the kitten to approach her. Whereas the kitten was overjoyed to see his new “mommy”.

“The bobkitten on the other hand was immediately over the moon and totally in love with her.”

cat and kitten eating
Credit: Facebook

All you could hear were loud purrs and sniffs as the bobkitten explored his new furry companion. It didn’t take long for them to cuddle up beside one another, snuggle and share face rubs.

Bobkitten watched Honeybun over the following days and learned all about grooming and eating like a big cat! Honeybun was tolerant and calm, and let this big kitten play as much as she wanted with her. Caroline was overjoyed:

“They’ve been together a week tomorrow and are doing great. They snuggle, eat, and sleep together. The bob kitten tries to play with Honey all the time.”

cat and kitten cuddling
Credit: Facebook

She thrived with all the care her feline mama provided and by watching her behavior. Bobkitten’s sorrow was replaced with happy purrs and lots of love.

Thanks to Honeybun’s loving care, the bobkitten is no longer alone. She’s growing and learning one day at a time, alongside a great feline role model.

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