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Woman Secretly Brings A Cat Into A Nursing Home To Reconnect With Her Previous Human Dad

Woman Secretly Brings A Cat Into A Nursing Home To Reconnect With Her Previous Human Dad

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While some people abandon their pets because they don’t want them anymore, others find themselves in situations where they have no choice.

Such an unfortunate event happened to Tony, an elderly cat parent who suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital. 

Due to his condition, he couldn’t care for his beloved pet cat named Chicken Little anymore. 

cat sitting on bed
Credit: Amanda

Chicken Little adored her human dad as she lived with him her whole life, but now she had to find another home and family to care for her. This broke Tony’s heart, but he had no other options.

Meanwhile, Tony’s neighbors agreed to temporarily care for Chicken Little until she found a new fur-ever home. 

Fortunately, as sweet as he is, Chicken Little didn’t have to wait long. A woman named Amanda fostered Chicken Little, but after just a few days, she fell so deeply in love with the cat that she decided to officially adopt her.

cute cat holding head aside
Credit: Amanda

As Chicken Little moved into her new forever home, Tony was moved from the hospital to a nursing home where he could receive necessary care and treatments.

Chicken Little quickly settled into her new home, but Amanda noticed something was off. She thought that the cat might be missing Tony, and boy was she right!

cat in box
Credit: Amanda

Amanda decided to surprise her new furry friend and cheer her up a bit by sneaking her into the nursing home to visit her former owner. Though the nursing home didn’t allow pets, they turned a blind eye to this special visitor. 

When Amanda entered Tony’s room, she let Chicken Little out of her carrier. At first, Chicken Little was shy and unsure of her surroundings. 

grandpa holding cat in arms
Credit: Amanda

However, upon seeing her former human dad, she was overjoyed. She immediately rushed over to him, showering him with love. It was a heartwarming reunion.

Tony was beyond happy to see his beloved cat and couldn’t thank Amanda enough for bringing her.

garndpa with cat at home
Credit: Amanda

Amanda was overwhelmed with their reunion, and she hopes such visits can become a regular thing, as they positively influence the patients. 

Let’s all hope so because if that happens, I’m sure Tony and Chicken Little will have more than just one reunion to remember the old days and enjoy each other’s company.

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