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Bonded Senior Cats Left At Tennessee Shelter By Their Owner, Find A New Home Together

Bonded Senior Cats Left At Tennessee Shelter By Their Owner, Find A New Home Together

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These two adorable 10-year-old cats have shared a unique bond since birth, but unfortunately, life hasn’t always been easy for them.

The black kitty is called Angus, and the tabby is named Milo. They were living a comfortable life until their owner, due to health issues, could no longer care for them.

That’s how this adorable pair arrived at Nashville Cat Rescue, Tennessee. The transition from their previous home was nerve-wracking for both cats. Angus was very vocal, while Milo was anxious.

Sarah Sylvester, fosterer at Nashville Cat Rescue, said:

“I set the boys up in my foster room, laid out food and water, and left them alone for the evening to decompress.”

The adjustment process wasn’t easy, and each cat progressed differently. Angus initially hid in a small cubbyhole on a cat tree, only emerging for meals and bathroom breaks. Meanwhile, Milo slowly began adapting to their new environment.

Fortunately, their foster mother, Sarah, was experienced and patient. She spent time sitting quietly with them and used various sounds and tones to help them adjust. She shared:

“Milo began to slowly make his way to me for pets and scratches. He is more confident of the two, and led the way in forming a friendship with me.”

Milo’s behavior also led to a significant discovery. While snuggling with him, Sarah noticed signs of health issues such as dull eyes, excessive thirst, and a greasy coat. 

Concerned, she took Milo to the vet, where he was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes. She said:

“Fast forward one week and several tests, Milo was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes. I, of course, was devastated. This diagnosis wasn’t, however, difficult for Milo. He handles his shots with grace and patience, and the blood glucose tests he cheerfully accepts, as long as he gets kisses afterwards.”

Following the diagnosis, Milo’s lifestyle underwent significant changes, including diet adjustments and medical procedures. Through it all, Milo remained calm and brave, always seeking endless cuddles. Sarah added:

“I could not have navigated the onboarding of diabetes management with any other cat than Milo. He was and is a breeze to medicate. He is sparkling and shiny like a new car, and he has the best breath in town.”

As for Angus, his true personality began to emerge step by step. He gradually became less reserved and more observant of his surroundings. 

Angus also developed an interest in his foster mom and decided to give her a chance. Sarah said:

“He loves to be in whatever room I am in and always be near me. If I am sitting, he is right next to me or nestled up, touching my leg. He is a bit skittish and is easily intimidated, but he is the biggest sweetheart.”

Sarah initially knew that these two cats had grown up together, but she had no idea of the remarkable depth of their bond. This revelation occurred during a loud storm.

During the storm, Sarah was in her office. At one moment, she decided to check on her furry boys on the camera. What she saw amazed her. She said:

“They were huddled together in the corner waiting out the storm. I’ve since observed the way they comfort each other.”

Then, she added: 

“(One night) I gave Angus some probiotic paste to help avoid hairballs. After the administering was complete, Milo got up from his comfy spot, moved closer to Angus, and checked on him as Angus licked the remaining paste from his mouth.”

Their remarkable bond continued to surprise Sarah. Most cats prefer having their own litter boxes, but not Milo and Angus. Despite having three litter boxes in the foster home, the pair prefers sharing one.

They don’t even mind sharing the food from one food bowl. It’s a friendship like no other. Sarah said:

“Milo gives Angus strength and courage, and Angus is a comforting companion for Milo. They are two older cats who have weathered life together and draw a tremendous amount of comfort from each other.”

These two kitties, though similar in some ways, also have their differences. Milo is brave and Angus is a bit timid, but both of them love attention and endless cuddles. 

Angus is very vocal and won’t hesitate to remind you when he craves affection and attention. Over time, they adjusted to their new home and foster mom, even establishing a daily routine.

“They start about 7 PM, way earlier than I go to bed. But every night, there they wait. Once I do settle in, Angus flanks my left side and Milo flanks my right. They enjoy the stability of a daily routine; they thrive on attention and affection, and they make friends easily when I have visitors.”

Recognizing the strong bond between these two cats, Sarah knew they should never be separated. Finally, their luck turned around.

After six months of waiting, Milo and Angus finally found their dream home together. 

Sarah shared the joyful news on her Instagram profile, expressing gratitude to the woman who fell in love with them the moment they met.

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