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You’ll Never Guess What This Calico Mama Cat Did After Meeting An Orphaned Kitten

You’ll Never Guess What This Calico Mama Cat Did After Meeting An Orphaned Kitten

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Meet Rihanna, a delightful calico cat with a heartwarming story that started on the streets of Quincy, Illinois. 

She was once a pregnant stray, fighting for survival, but her luck changed when Liv, a compassionate rescuer from “House of Six Cats” spotted a Facebook post about her and decided to lend a helping hand.

Rihanna was expecting kittens, and while her spaying appointment was scheduled, she needed a safe haven to raise her last litter. 

Thanks to the local Humane Society in Illinois, Rihanna and her little ones received the essential medical care they required.

When Rihanna first arrived, you could see her belly moving as the little ones kicked inside.

After ten days of anticipation, the big moment arrived, and Rihanna proudly welcomed three adorable kittens into the world – two boys and one girl. Foster mom Liv felt like a beaming grandma, enthusiastically cheering Rihanna on.

Now, young mama cats can sometimes be unpredictable, but Rihanna turned out to be an exceptional mother. 

@houseofsixcats We’ve got three 🖤🧡🧡 #mamarihanna #cats #cattok #mamacat ♬ som original – edits sweet

Then, just two days later, a heartwarming surprise awaited both Rihanna and Liv. A call came in about a newborn kitten in need, and Liv knew Rihanna would be the perfect motherly figure.

@houseofsixcats Surprise! Welcome home bonus baby 💕 thank you @small_town_foster for helping with this kitten rescue 🐾 #mamarihanna #mamacat #rihanna #catsoftiktok #fosterkittens ♬ Umbrella Lofi (Remix) – BANG AL

Carefully introducing the “bonus kitten” outside the cardboard box, a heartwarming TikTok video captured Rihanna’s swift acceptance of the little one as if it were her own. As Liv wrote:

“She accepted this baby the second we set it outside of her box.”

@houseofsixcats Meet Paul 🤍 #mamarihanna #mamacat #catsoftiktok #fosterkittens #kittens ♬ FourFiveSeconds (Originally Performed By Rihanna & Kanye West & Paul McCartney) – Acoustic Guitar Karaoke – Sing2Guitar

Rihanna’s nurturing and protective instincts shone brightly, and she cared for all the chubby babies: a chunky orange boy named Drake, another orange brother named Eminem, a sister named Umbrella, and the Bonus Baby, Paul.

@houseofsixcats Happy Monday from Mama Rihanna and her four beautiful babies! 💕 #mamarihanna #mamacat #fosterkittens #cattok #catsoftiktok #spayandneuter ♬ original sound – speedxsoundzxz

All of these names were inspired by artists who performed with Rihanna, the singer, and her female baby was named after one of her well-known songs. 

All four of these adorable kittens found loving homes through the Quincy Humane Society. Rihanna and her “Mama’s Boy” Slim Shady were an inseparable pair, and they were adopted together.

You can catch more of their heart-melting moments on House of Six Cat’s TikTok.

Liv, the dedicated foster mom, embarked on her journey not as a cat person but by fostering puppies and volunteering with the Humane Society in 2018. 

However, in the spring of 2019, she began bottle-feeding two tiny kittens and has since helped over 150 felines. Her TikTok videos have garnered over a million devoted animal-loving followers.

Fostering animals brings an array of emotions, from pure joy to bittersweet farewells when it’s time to say goodbye. 

But Liv finds solace in knowing that she’s saved these kittens, enabling them to become cherished companions in other people’s lives. She loves hearing updates about her former foster kittens and has formed delightful friendships with their adopters. 

Take a look at Rihanna’s adorable babies:

Despite the occasional moments of sadness, Liv remains steadfast in her dedication to caring for more kittens.

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