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Come With Us To Java Whiskers Cat Cafe

Come With Us To Java Whiskers Cat Cafe

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You probably already know how much I adore cat cafes. So today, I want to share a particularly special one: Java Whiskers which is an absolute must-visit!

One of the most remarkable features that sets Java Whiskers apart from the rest is its dual lounge setup. Not only do they have a cozy cat lounge, but they’ve also introduced a kitten lounge! 

What tugs at my heartstrings the most about Java Whiskers is their commitment to giving homeless cats a second chance at a loving home. 

Every Java Whiskers cat cafe strives to create a haven where both their feline residents and human guests can unwind and feel utterly at ease. 

Getting to Java Whiskers is a breeze, thanks to several nearby tube stations. However, I’d highly recommend booking your visit online in advance. 

The cafe’s cozy confines tend to fill up quickly, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy some quality cuddle time with these furry friends?

Booking & Prices

Speaking of bookings, when you reserve your spot online, you can choose between the Kitten Lounge and the Cat Lounge. The former is brimming with playful kittens, while the latter is home to cats of all ages. 

You can also plan your visit around your schedule, check out the entrance fees, and peruse the delectable menu – all in advance!

The money you spend goes toward the care and well-being of these precious felines. Java Whiskers also offers an array of delightful treats and dishes. 

My personal favorite was the heavenly scone served with jam and cream. It was simply divine! Of course, there are some house rules to ensure the cats’ comfort and safety.

House Rules

In addition to the standard guidelines about not feeding the cats and treating them gently, Java Whiskers also has a “no shoe” policy. Before entering, you’ll find a designated area for coats, shoes, bags, and the like. 

It’s a unique touch that adds to the cozy, homelike atmosphere. Imagine walking in, shedding your shoes, grabbing a cup of coffee, and having a furry friend curl up in your lap. It truly feels like a home away from home.

Here’s a piece of advice: plan ahead! Include a visit to Java Whiskers, ensuring you have plenty of time to relish the cuddles and savor your coffee in serenity.

Some key takeaways:

Book in advance to secure your spot.

Choose a convenient time for your visit.

• Arrive a bit early for your booking to make the most of your time with the cats.

• Remember that all the cats are rescues and many are available for adoption.

The cat lounge is wheelchair accessible (although the kitten lounge is not).

• If you have specific dietary needs (gluten/dairy-free or vegan), let them know in advance.

• Children under 10 years old are not permitted.

Java Whiskers cat cafes operate cash-free.

• Online bookings are limited to groups of up to 6 people.

Don’t forget – you can purchase gift vouchers! So, if you know someone who’d cherish a cup of coffee or tea at Java Whiskers, consider getting them a gift voucher (or treat yourself).

I’m eagerly looking forward to my next visit. How about you? Would you like to experience the warmth and charm of Java Whiskers Cat Cafe?

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