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California Vet Hospital Shocks Everyone After Introducing One Of Their Largest Patients

California Vet Hospital Shocks Everyone After Introducing One Of Their Largest Patients

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Being a veterinarian is an incredible job, but it also comes with its challenges. 

The dedicated team at Alicia Pet Care Center in Orange County, California, not only provides exceptional care for animals but also uses social media to educate people about the importance of veterinary care. 

They even share fascinating facts about our beloved pets. In one of their recent TikTok videos, the APCCVet crew introduced their followers to Floyd, a Maine Coon, who happens to be one of their largest cat patients.

Tik Tok Cat
Credit: TikTok

Everyone, including the nurses, was amazed by Floyd’s size. I mean, 28 pounds of cat is truly impressive! 

@apccvet 28 pounds of cat is a lot of cat. Great for cuddles. His mom said he bathes all his siblings and they sleep on top of him. 10/10 cat. #apccvet #vetmed #vetassistant #mainecoon #bigcat ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

The video captioned “28 pounds of cat is a lot of cat” perfectly captures Floyd’s magnificence. His majestic fur and calm personality left a lasting impression on everyone who saw him.

He has certainly made quite a memorable first impression on all of us!

Girl holding fat cat
Credit: TikTok

So many people were astonished by Floyd’s enormous size. I mean, cat lovers and owners know that the Maine Coon cat breed is one of the largest ones, but still… When you see a cat as big as Floyd, you’re left in awe. 

People couldn’t help but express their astonishment. Comments poured in, with TikTok user Lilli Keinaenen jokingly saying:

“I thought that was a golden retriever puppy coming out of the bag.”

Gillian shared:

“Floyd is the same size as all 4 of my cats combined.”

And a user that goes by Kath’s_eyes commented: 

“That’s a toddler in a cat costume. Can’t convince me otherwise.” 

This one definitely brought some laughter!

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