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Can Cats Eat Bacon? Is It Safe, Are There Any Health Risks?

<strong>Can Cats Eat Bacon? Is It Safe, Are There Any Health Risks?</strong>

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Do you like bacon and you want to share some with your cat? I feel you! We all want to spoil our feline friends and give in to all their wishes, but sometimes not doing this is better for our cats.

I know that the savory smell when you open a pack of bacon strips is hard to resist. It’s perfectly normal if you get the desire to share some with your best furrend. However, this immediately raises the question, can cats eat bacon?

In short, yes. Cats can eat bacon, but you should only give them a small amount. Read more to see why that is, what the risks are, and whether there are any benefits for your cat’s health. Apart from learning, I hope you’ll enjoy the cute pictures I’ve prepared for you!

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

the cat is standing next to the plate

Cats, as we all know, are obligate carnivores, which means they need to eat meat. Bacon is safe for cats but only in small amounts because it contains a lot of fat and salt. 

You can give small bits of bacon to your cat as a treat because it’s not necessary.

How Much & How Often

As I said, bacon isn’t necessary for your cat’s nutrition. Cats aren’t actually supposed to eat bacon, but a small amount of it isn’t harmful. If your cat happens to steal a piece of bacon or ingests some in any way, don’t be concerned.

However, when it comes to cat treats, it’s better to choose some low in fat and salt content. However, if you choose to give some bacon to your cat, choose cooked bacon.

Remove any fatty bits and choose cooked rather than raw bacon. If your cat is simply crazy for bacon, give it just a tiny piece every now and then.

What Is Bacon?

the cat looks at the bacon

Bacon is made from pig back or stomach meat and fat. It goes through a curing process, which preserves the meat with nitrates and salts, and even sugars at times. 

Bacon can be served in many ways for humans, but for cats, the situation is different.

Bacon is High In Fat And Sodium

Bacon contains almost the same amount of fat as protein. Domestic cats aren’t particularly active, they sleep most of the day, and if they ate bacon as a part of their meal, they wouldn’t be able to burn all the fat gained from it.

The high-fat content of bacon can cause obesity, which can only create more health problems. The saturated fats found in bacon can also harm your cat’s health, especially the digestive system. 

A typical domestic cat requires approximately 21 mg of salt a day, and one piece of bacon has 180mg.

Your cat gets all the necessary sodium from its own balanced diet, so it’s not necessary to add bacon to its diet plan at all. Adding bacon can cause dehydration, increased urination and thirst, or even clogged blood vessels.

Is Bacon Safe For Cats?

a cat and bacon around it

Bacon has many nutritional values that are good for cats, despite its high content of sodium and fat. Bacon is full of proteins that every cat needs. Bacon is also high in phosphorus, which is great for a cat’s kidneys and bones.

Bacon is also full of B vitamins, but even with all these benefits for your cat, the risks outweigh them.

Health Benefits

When you consider the nutritional content of bacon, you might think that it’s better than regular cat treats. Cats do require all the protein, and different minerals and vitamins found in bacon can also be beneficial.

Basically, you can feed your cat healthier treats and foods that have the necessary nutritional values.

Health Risks

the cat winks at the bacon

There are some risks when it comes to cats eating bacon. For starters, raw bacon might be infested with parasites and other harmful bacteria that can have a pretty bad effect on your cat’s health. 

Also, if you are considering whether to give a small piece of bacon to your cat, you should give it cooked rather than raw bacon. There is also a high risk of pancreatitis or some other form of upset stomach. 

Bacon grease is high in fat content, so it is truly helpful to remove any visible fat. Also, remember that cooking oils and additional fats can make cats sick or feel unwell. Fat content can also cause another problem, and that is obesity

If your pet is a little chubby, avoid greasy treats like bacon to prevent excessive weight gain! Bacon also has high salt content, which has been associated with human heart disease and high blood pressure. 

This risk has not been proven to be the same in cats, but it’s likely to happen. Too much bacon is extremely harmful and can even lead to salt poisoning. Turkey bacon, for example, is low in fat, but it’s still high in sodium because it is salt-cured. 

As a result, turkey bacon remains an unhealthy option. What’s more, seasonings can easily cause vomiting or diarrhea in cats. If you decide to feed your cat bacon, it should be cooked without any spices or other ingredients. 

Cats And Different Types Of Bacon

the cat is sitting next to the bacon board

Raw Bacon – When it comes to giving your cat different types of meat, it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet about safety and concerns with raw bacon and any type of raw meat in general. 

If the meat doesn’t go through the curing process, then raw bacon is safe for the cat. So, the meat that’s used for bacon must be fresh. If you’re wondering what kind of meat to give your cat, it’s best to talk with your vet first. 

If your cat happens to eat a few pieces of fresh, raw bacon, there’s no need to worry. If the meat your cat ingested wasn’t fresh and clean, you should be concerned about the germs it may contain. You should visit the vet because cats should only eat fresh, raw meat.

Bacon Grease – Some cat owners mix bacon grease with cat food, especially dry cat food, to make it more appealing to their cats. 

However, it is better not to do this because bacon grease is high in fat and sodium content which can cause pancreatitis or pancreas inflammation in cats.

Bacon bits are not as fresh as fried bacon. Fried bacon is popular for breakfast in the morning. Bacon bits, on the other hand, have been artificially created. Anything artificially made should always be avoided.

The artificial bacon bits are over-processed and extremely high in salt content, endangering your cat’s health.

Turkey Bacon – Turkey is generally healthier than pork bacon, and contains less fat. However, turkey bacon isn’t any better than regular pork bacon because both contain a lot of sodium which is bad for your cat.

Can Cats Truly Taste Bacon?

the cat looks into the pan with bacon

Most cats go crazy for bacon once they try it. This can be hard for you as a cat owner. We all love to spoil our furry friends, but sometimes we have to say no to things to keep our cats in good health.

This is true where bacon is concerned; even if your cat craves bacon like crazy, you should avoid it. Cats can recognize the bacon flavor, but we don’t know what they like about it.

You can feed your cat tiny bits of bacon as occasional treats, but it’s better to find a better alternative that will make your feline happy and, more importantly, healthy.

Final Words

A lot of people enjoy eating bacon, and many cats enjoy the taste of it as well. However, there are many healthier alternatives you can use instead of feeding bacon to your cat. You can spoil your cat, but before you give it any new food, consult the vet.

You have to be sure that what you’re feeding your cat is safe. So, to conclude, can cats eat bacon? The short answer is yes, but not often, and only a small portion. Cats can be given a small amount of bacon, but only rarely.

A large amount of anything isn’t healthy, even cat’s wet food or dry food. You want to avoid any digestive issues if you can. Always pay attention to cat behavior, especially when you’re feeding them something new.

In case you decide to give a bit of bacon to try, know that there are certain side effects, but a small amount is safe for your cat’s health.

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Can Cats Eat Bacon Is It Safe, Are There Any Health Risks

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