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Can Cats Eat Pumpkin? Prepare Your Kitty For Spooky Season

Can Cats Eat Pumpkin? Prepare Your Kitty For Spooky Season

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One of a cat’s favorite things to do is to beg their owners for a piece of their food. However, not every type of human food is safe for cats.

During the pumpkin season, when pumpkins are all around you and your feline, you may wonder, can cats eat pumpkins and enjoy these festivities with you?

It’s completely okay to provide your feline friend with an occasional pumpkin treat, but before doing this, read on and inform yourself better so that you can avoid any negative consequences.

I’ve taken the time out to make the pictures you’re about to see, and I sincerely hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

Can Cats Eat Pumpkin?

illustration of a black cat and pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the most delicious human food. The best thing about pumpkins is that they’re available, not only in autumn, but also most of the time throughout the year.

Pumpkin is rich in fiber and other nutrients, making it very healthy. But, if you’re a cat owner, wondering can cats eat pumpkins, and is pumpkin good for cats, here’s your answer.

Pumpkins are safe and healthy for our felines and can provide them with many benefits.

However, it’s important to know certain things before feeding your cat pumpkin. For example, you should be careful when feeding your cat pumpkin as not every type is safe and healthy for them.

Most importantly, pumpkin needs to be adequately prepared for cats. Remember, it should be given only as an occasional treat.

Although cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need real animal protein, they can benefit from pumpkins because they are rich in fiber and other nutrients.

In order to learn more about the health benefits of pumpkin for cats and which pumpkin types are safe for them, stick around and find out!

Safe Pumpkin Types For Your Cat

Cats can eat pumpkin, but not every type of pumpkin is safe for them. You need to choose carefully when preparing a cat’s meal containing pumpkin.

So, here are the types of pumpkins that are safe for kitties!

Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is the safest and most recommended type of pumpkin you can give your kitty. However, when buying it, you need to be sure that it doesn’t contain salt or other spicy additives.

Plain pumpkin is healthy for your cat, mostly because it can help them with digestion without causing them digestive issues.

The best thing about canned pumpkin is that your furry friend can enjoy it all year-round as you can find it in almost every local store.

However, remember that pumpkin should be an occasional treat for cats, so make sure you don’t overdo the amount.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be a perfect addition to your cat’s meal. If you decide to sprinkle pumpkin seeds over wet cat food, ensure they don’t contain salt or other spices. That way, you’ll provide your kitty with a special cat treat that is rich in fiber and other vitamins.

Bad Pumpkin Types For Your Cat

illustration with cute black cat and trick and treat pumpkin

As previously mentioned, not every type of pumpkin is safe for cats. So, here are some types that you should avoid when it comes to your feline if you want to prevent problems such as digestive issues and similar.

Raw Pumpkin

The raw pumpkin should be avoided when it comes to your furry friend. The main reason for this is that raw pumpkin is hard for cats to digest; therefore, they may face some issues with their digestive tract. However, there is one thing you can do with it.

You can cook raw pumpkin and make pumpkin puree which is a safer option for a cat’s meal. Ensure you avoid the pumpkin skin, stem, or the remains of a jack-o’-lantern when preparing this type of cat treat.

Pumpkin Pie

Even though pumpkin pie is one of the most delicious human treats, it shouldn’t be given to cats as it’s highly toxic to a cat’s stomach.

Pumpkin pie filling may contain sugar, cloves, salt, and milk. These ingredients are bad for cats, especially milk, because cats are lactose intolerant.

So, when you have a pumpkin pie on your family table, keep an eye on your feline, and contact your vet if you suspect your cat took a lick of it.

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What Amount Of Pumpkin Is Safe For Your Kitty?

illustration of a cat on pumpkins

If you decide to feed your kitty pumpkin, you should know what types of pumpkin are safe for your cat. Don’t forget that it should be given only as an occasional treat.

Moreover, if your cat has a healthy stool and regular bowel movements, it’s better to avoid pumpkin in a cat’s diet as it could cause them digestive upset.

However, if your cat has digestive issues, that’s the right time to introduce plain pumpkin to your cat as it may help it with certain issues.

In that case, it’s recommended to provide felines with a spoonful of pure canned pumpkin per day.

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Benefits That Cats Can Get From Pumpkin

illustration of cat and pumpkins

Like most other vegetables, pumpkin can provide your cat with many health benefits.

It’s low in calories and has a high fiber content, which is good for a cat’s diet and digestive health and helps reduce the number of hairballs.

Moreover, pumpkin contains potassium, water, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, C, and K, and minerals, which are good for a cats’ immune system in general.

Considering all of that, pumpkin may help your feline with the following things, so check them out.

Pumpkin Can Help Cats With Diarrhea

If your feline friend suffers from diarrhea, believe it or not, pumpkin can help you solve this problem and help your cat.

Pumpkin is rich in soluble fiber and can help your cat by soaking up the excess water so that the feces can pass through the digestive tract properly. So, in other words, fiber from pumpkin helps in regulating the cat’s bowel movement.

However, if your kitty suffers from severe diarrhea, it may show other symptoms such as fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy and weakness, etc.

In that case, you should take the cat to the vet as it’s important to determine the underlying cause of that issue.

Pumpkin Can Help Cats With Constipation

Due to its high fiber content, pumpkin can be helpful with cat constipation too. The pumpkin is also high in water, so it’s hydrating for the cat, making it easier for them to defecate.

However, constipation may be a severe issue for cats suffering from digestive upset. Although pumpkin may help you with this, it’s better to consult with your vet first.

Pumpkin Can Help Cats To Lose Weight

Nowadays, many cats deal with obesity issues. If your feline is one of them, then a pumpkin meal is a perfect solution for your cat to lose a little weight and reach a normal weight.

Canned pumpkin is low in calories, rich in fiber, and tasty, so it contains everything that an obese cat needs.

Because of these ingredients, your kitty will enjoy its meal, and it will keep it fuller for a longer period of time; it would be a good idea to include canned pumpkin in your cat’s weight loss feeding.

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How To Prepare Your Cat A Yummy Pumpkin Meal?

halloween illustration of a cat on pumpkin

Now that you know that cats can eat pumpkin, the question is how to prepare it properly for your feline friend.

To provide a cat with a yummy pumpkin meal, you can simply get a can of plain pumpkin and mix one tablespoon of it with a portion of regular wet cat food.

Moreover, you can use pumpkin seeds without any additives, and sprinkle them over the cat food to provide it with fiber and vitamins.

Ensure you avoid raw pumpkin in your cat’s diet. However, you can make a pumpkin puree out of it, which can be safe and beneficial for a cat if mixed with cat food.

Finally, you can also look for specific pumpkin treats that you’ll give your kitty only occasionally as a reward after doing something positive.

If you’re not into preparing the treats yourself, I suggest you check out the list of best pumpkin cat treats you can order online or buy in your local pet shop!


cute halloween illustration of sleeping cat and tree

Why Do Cats Love Pumpkin?

Cats love pumpkin because it’s tasty, but also because it’s rich in fiber, calcium, minerals, vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, and all the other things that are typically beneficial for our felines.

How Often Can I Give My Cat Pumpkin?

It would be best to give your kitty pumpkin meals once a day. Ensure you always mix plain pumpkin with regular cat food when preparing their meal.

Also, remember not to overdo the amount of pumpkin, especially if the cat has a normal stool and healthy bowel movement.

Will Pumpkin Help My Cat Poop?

Plain pumpkin can help regulate your cat’s bowel movement, that is, help it to poop properly. As pumpkin is rich in nutrients, including fiber, it actually helps the cat defecate normally, especially if the cat suffers from diarrhea or constipation.

Is Pumpkin A Natural Dewormer For Cats?

Pumpkin seeds may be used as a natural dewormer for cats. The reason is that pumpkin seeds contain the amino acid called cucurbitacin, making them a potential deworming agent.

So, by eating pumpkin seeds, the worms become paralyzed, making it easy to remove them from the intestine.

Final Thoughts

halloween illustration with cat and pumpkin

As pumpkin season comes closer, cat owners start to wonder can cats eat pumpkins. We all know how boring cats can be when begging for a piece of our food, so luckily, cats can eat pumpkins.

However, not every type of pumpkin is safe for them; therefore, you have to choose carefully. It’s best to give your kitty plain canned pumpkin as they can get many health benefits from it.

Usually, pumpkin meals are used for different cat problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, and weight loss.

One tablespoon of canned pumpkin mixed with cat food would be enough for your furry friend. Remember that you shouldn’t overdo the amount of pumpkin, especially if the cat has a healthy bowel movement.

All in all, cats can eat pumpkins if it’s properly prepared for them. In the end, everyone is happy and satisfied, and you and your cat can enjoy the spooky season together.

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