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Florida Cat Has The Cutest Cuddle Buddy And It’s An Adorable Baby Capybara

Florida Cat Has The Cutest Cuddle Buddy And It’s An Adorable Baby Capybara

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Most cats eventually become friends with other pets such as dogs, ducks, rabbits, and similar. But, who would have thought that a cat would become best friends with a cute little capybara?

This cat named Chloe and cute baby capybara Pumpkin love to cuddle and play with each other; they’re basically best friends. 

Animal-lover Marina Somma from Palm Coast, Florida, runs Darkwings Wildlife, where she takes care of seven animals. 

capybara with cat
Credits: YouTube

However, one of those animals has a special bond with Marina, and it even lives inside her house. That cute animal is a baby capybara named Pumpkin. Marina says:

“We for sure have a pet owner relationship, she lives in the house, and we spend so much time together.”

However, Marina isn’t the only one with whom Pumpkin has a special bond. Pumpkin has an older sister cat named Chloe. They’re basically best friends and do most things together. 

Chloe and Pumpkin especially love to cuddle and play with each other.

Marina’s life is very interesting with so many different animals around her. Still, it’s not an easy job, especially when it comes to caring for capybaras. The environment needs to be adjusted for Pumpkin, and the whole job requires a lot of love and patience.

cat playing in front of capybara
Credits: YouTube

Although it may be hard sometimes, Marina loves her animals and her job. She says that Pumpkin loves cuddles, attention and being petted. She also added:

“She gets along with everybody, she loves playing with the cat, she’s great with the dog. Her personality is chill, but quietly mischievous. Capybaras can be very comfortable around people, so she’s great to have around.”

I believe that taking care of Pumpkin is much easier with her cat sister Chloe. She’s in charge for most of the playtime as well as for cuddle time. A world without cats would be a CATastrophe.

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