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This Incredible Mama Cat Adopts Four Baby Squirrels

This Incredible Mama Cat Adopts Four Baby Squirrels

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A cat named Pusha gave birth to four kittens, but she did not expect that with her own four babies, another four would come. Pusha’s owners stumbled upon an abandoned litter of squirrels, and without thinking twice they brought the abandoned squirrels to their recently-new mama cat.

Just take a look at this incredible mama cat and the symbol of true mother’s love. 

Pusha, the cat, wasn’t quite sure about the squirrel babies when she first saw them, but she soon accepted them and they’re all now a big happy squirrel-cat family. 

Her owners are also helping as much as they can, by feeding the babies with goat milk when Pusha cannot produce enough milk for all of them. No baby will go hungry at their house! 

baby squirrel drinks from a bottle

Nature is really incredible and once again it reminds us that love knows no boundaries! Cats are usually seen as predators of squirrels, but here we see a whole different story.

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