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Mama Cat Caged Up After A Dog Attack Overcomes Her Trauma With The Help Of A Kind Man 

Mama Cat Caged Up After A Dog Attack Overcomes Her Trauma With The Help Of A Kind Man 

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The lives of stray cats are sadly filled with dangers lurking from every corner. These poor souls have to find ways to survive and if they have kittens the challenge becomes even harder.

In today’s heartbreaking story, I’ll tell you about a cat who faced so many hardships that she found it difficult to trust humans.

mama cat with her kittens in cage
Credit: YouTube

This tabby cat recently had her kittens, but sadly she lost two of them once a stray dog attacked them. Heartbroken, mama cat was meowing so loud she alarmed half of the neighbors. 

mama cat meowing
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, no one was able to provide shelter for mama cat and her babies so they placed a cage for them, hoping it would keep them safe for a while.

They informed a well-known cat lover, a man who dedicated his life and home to stray cats in his town. This kindhearted man immediately rushed to help the cat, but little did he know, it was about to be his toughest rescue ever.

mama cat licking the spoon
Credit: YouTube

Once he arrived at the place where mama cat was caged up with her kittens, the kind rescuer soon realized she was not willing to get out. 

He figured she would follow once he took out her kittens, but there was a catch… Every time he put his hand near the cage, mama cat would attack him!

The poor soul was so frightened and worried for her babies, that she wouldn’t let anyone come close to them. The rescuer had to come up with a plan and he had to act quickly!

a man holds tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

The next day he came back with one of his volunteers. However, since mama cat was attacking them yet again, they fed her with the help of a spoon. 

They would place some wet food on the back of a spoon and let mama cat help herself like that. After a few failed attempts to take the kittens out, they left with scratches.

Fortunately, this kind man was not giving up on her. For the next week, he came back every morning to feed her, hoping she would eventually trust them enough to help her. 

man trying to get kittens in a box
Credit: YouTube

As the week went by, the cat got used to her kind visitor and she stopped hissing at him. The man carefully took the kittens out of the cage, placing them in a carrier. 

He then placed the carrier in front of the cage, patiently waiting for mama cat to join her babies. Slowly, she walked into the carrier, and for the first time in her life, she was safe!

a cat stucked by the window
Credit: YouTube

After a quick vet visit and a clean bill of health, their rescuer brought them to their new foster home. He transformed a part of his house into a safe haven for stray cats, fostering them until they found a loving forever home.

hairy mama cat with kittens
Credit: YouTube

Although mama cat was finally safe, at first she refused to nurse her babies in the new environment. She found a hiding place, leaving her babies all alone.

However, once she saw one of the other foster cats grooming her babies, her motherly instincts kicked in and she quickly jumped to take care of her babies!

adorable mama cat with her babies
Credit: YouTube

Thanks to their kind rescuer, this caring mama cat and her babies got a second chance at life. They will stay in their foster home until their new foster dad finds them a loving forever home!

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