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Texas Flash Flood Traps Mama Cat And Her Three Tiny Kittens In A Basement

Texas Flash Flood Traps Mama Cat And Her Three Tiny Kittens In A Basement

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Recent heavy rainfall in the small town of Ennis, Texas, has caused flash floods leaving people in a desperate state. As one of the heroes from today’s story said:

“I’ve been out here for years and haven’t seen a flood like this.”

Unfortunately, in such dire circumstances, our feline companions are often forgotten as people try to save their homes, cars, and other possessions.

cat in blanket
Credit: YouTube

However, with every disaster, a hero is born saving the forgotten souls who are left to fend for themselves. 

Vicky Eastman and her friend Heather Federwisdh deserve all the praise after they rescued a mama cat and her kittens.

woman carrying cat in blanket
Credit: YouTube

Vicky was informed about the adorable feline family that was stuck in the basement of her friend’s house. Without a second thought, she rushed to save the fluffy family. As she said in a video:

“I had to go swim down there.” 

As she saved two of the kittens, her friend pulled out their adorable mama cat and one more kitten. Naming the mama cat Fuzzy Bear Buckets, the tiny family was now tucked inside some warm towels.

tiny kitten in hands on the street
Credit: YouTube

Their amazing rescuers made sure that they stayed warm while helping others in need. Heather couldn’t bear to let someone else take care of mama cat so she carried her around in her arms. As Heather shared:

“I think everybody’s in good shape right now and we’ll get these guys to dry ground and we’ll all be alright.”

Seeing Heather’s and Vicky’s determination to save the adorable fuzzy family, definitely restored my faith in humanity. 

two women with kittens
Credit: YouTube

When disaster strikes, we have to keep in mind that our feline friends need a helping hand as much as we do. I’m beyond grateful for these heroes and hopefully soon, they’ll find a forever home!

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