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Lovely British Shorthair Becomes The Perfect Companion For This Sweet Lonely Dog

Lovely British Shorthair Becomes The Perfect Companion For This Sweet Lonely Dog

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Is there anything cuter than a dog and cat being best pals? I mean, seriously, it melts my heart every single time I stumble upon those videos online of the unlikely pair hanging out. 

And if you’re into that kind of thing, you’re in for a treat with this story. It revolves around Cairo, a 7-year-old Shiba Inu, and his little bro, Sultan, a 4-year-old British Shorthair, hailing from the sunny vibes of San Diego, California.

These two are living proof that friendships don’t care about species. They’re basically the dynamic duo of the animal kingdom and trust me, their adventures are the stuff of legend!

shiba inu dog
Source: shiba.cairo

Eric, their owner, talked about the moment he noticed Cairo was starting to feel a bit bored. 

“At first, he just pawed at me for attention. Then at some point, he literally started complaining out loud like, ‘Hello, you haven’t pet me in like 30 minutes. I need attention. NOW!’”

Seeing Cairo’s behavior as a clear sign of loneliness, Eric figured it was time to introduce a new friend into the mix.

That’s when Sultan comes into the picture!

cat and dog friends
Source: shiba.cairo

Upon Sultan’s arrival at their San Diego home, Eric smartly divided his apartment to give each pet their own territory while still allowing them to check each other out from a safe distance.

Sultan, being the curious kitty he is, didn’t waste any time getting acquainted with his new digs and the assortment of toys at his disposal.

Cairo, on the other hand, was a bit more reserved, keeping a watchful eye on his new housemate from afar. Eric observed:

“He would just look at Sultan like he was still making up his mind about him.”

Even though both pets were still sizing each other up, Eric was optimistic. He knew all they needed was a bit of time to adjust to their new living situation.

cat and dog laying on the ground
Source: shiba.cairo

By the week’s end, Eric saw that despite Cairo and Sultan’s initial indifference, both furballs still craved his affection. So, he found a cozy spot on the floor, giving Cairo some love with one hand and Sultan with the other. 

Before long, both would drift off to sleep side by side, a sight that warmed Eric’s heart and signaled the walls between them were coming down.

As days turned into weeks, Cairo began to take a genuine interest in Sultan. He’d nudge the kitty with his nose, even sneaking in a few affectionate licks here and there. 

These small gestures of friendship made Eric optimistic about their budding relationship, confident that these two would soon become inseparable buddies.

dog and cat friends
Source: shiba.cairo

Eric couldn’t contain his excitement when he witnessed Cairo fully embracing Sultan as part of their family.

“The first time I saw them playing was around the third week. Sultan suddenly stood up and started swatting at Cairo’s face, and he started to play back. A few days later, they were having full-on sparring sessions and the rest was history.”

From that moment on, Cairo and Sultan have been inseparable, their connection deepening with each passing day.

Life in Eric’s San Diego home has been anything but boring with these two around. They’re always up to something, whether they’re inventing new games, sharing moments of affection, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

Eric shared a heartwarming video of Sultan perfecting his kneading on Cairo, a sight that would melt anyone’s heart. You absolutely must see it:

Surprisingly, Cairo, who was never much for cuddles, now happily shares his bed with Sultan. It’s evident that Sultan holds a special place in Cairo’s heart, the kind of bond that changes the rules.

Cairo obviously has a soft spot for his brother if he allows him to cuddle next to him in his bed. 

“I don’t think Cairo would let anyone else get away with this, but he does with Sultan.”  

cat and dog sleeping together
Source: shiba.cairo

Having Cairo and Sultan around has filled Eric’s life with immense happiness. He relishes every moment spent observing their playful antics, shared meals, cozy cuddles, and their everyday companionship. 

Eric finds their rapidly blossoming friendship truly remarkable. And the best part about it is how quickly it deepened and expanded. As he said:

“Once they got comfortable – there was no going back!”

cat laying on a dog
Source: shiba.cairo

I hope this story has warmed your heart as much as it did mine. For a regular dose of cuteness and to keep up with Cairo and Sultan’s latest adventures, be sure to follow their Instagram profile.

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