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Cat With Human-Like Behavior Blinks Every Time Owner Says “I Love You”

Cat With Human-Like Behavior Blinks Every Time Owner Says “I Love You”

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This is by far one of the most unique-looking cats I’ve seen in a while.

Snickers, the beautiful calico girl wears a smile on her face every day since she’s been with her fur-ever meowmy, Kelly. 

Kelly shares how other than having the most magnificent fur color pattern, Snickers gets all the attention of everyone who visits their home because of the way she sits…

“When people come over, they’re very shocked.”

cat sitting in a chair
Source: YouTube

As you can see, Snickers sits like a human! Kelly has no idea why she sits like that, but most importantly she’s healthy and if that’s her preferred way of sitting, let her be. However, there’s more…

Snickers also wiggles her tail like a dog! Whenever she sits, her tail goes left-right, left-right. It’s crazy! Who is this little feline?!

Snickers seems to know it all! She sits like a human – so she’s cracked the hooman code. She waves her tail like a dog – what’s a canine to this smart feline?

But wait up! Can she meow?

You’re probably wondering “What do you mean, can a cat meow?” Well, it seems like our little furry beauty does everything except meow. Perhaps the only code she hasn’t cracked is the feline code.

cute cat sitting
Source: YouTube

Let’s rewind a bit, how did Kelly and Snickers become the best of friends in the first place?

How Kelly And Snickers Found Each Other

Kelly found Snickers while she was out for a run through a cornfield. The tiny kitten came out and stepped right in front of her. Kelly immediately stopped to help!

Snickers’ eyes were pretty much glued shut and she was looking sickly and dirty, full of fleas. Kelly was sure she also had mites since she was shaking her head like crazy. 

very sweet cat
Source: YouTube

There were no other cats around, so Kelly took her in to help her. The first thing Kelly noticed as soon as she saw her was that Snickers tried to meow, but couldn’t.

“She was trying to meow. She would open her mouth but no sound would come out.”

At that time they were about 2 miles away from home, and Kelly carried her all the way back to the house. Immediately, she could tell that Snickers felt relieved. She was very hungry and now she finally ate. 

guy petting a cute cat
Source: YouTube

The next day, Kelly took her new rescue kitty to the vet. They checked for a microchip and unfortunately (but also to Kelly’s luck) Snickers wasn’t microchipped. 

They also assumed that she was probably born in that field and wandered away from her mama cat. Kelly took her in, but for about a week she put up signs around the neighborhood in case anyone was looking for this calico beauty.

When no one came forward to claim her, Kelly saw it as a heartfelt sign from her mother, who had passed away just days before Snickers appeared. 

Convinced that her mom had sent Snickers to her as a comforting companion, Kelly decided to make the little cat a permanent member of her family.

The Journey To Health

woman petting and holding a cat
Source: YouTube

Snickers was very sick at first, and it took quite some time for her to get better. Kelly was told that she should either euthanize Snickers or go see a specialist for further examination. She was aware of the cost, but she made the choice:

“I made the choice to go to the specialist and we found out what her problem really was. She had very large polyps that were growing inside her inner ear, so I scheduled the surgeries.”

close photo of cute cat
Source: YouTube

The initial surgery was a success, offering a glimmer of hope. However, six weeks later, the second surgery unfolded in ways they hadn’t anticipated…

“During the middle of the procedure, she lost consciousness because the polyp dropped into her throat and her brain shut down for about a good 10 seconds. They had to do CPR on her in the middle of the procedure.”

Luckily, they were able to bring her back, but Snickers ended up blind from the surgery. The vets questioned if Kelly wanted to keep her, and without a doubt, Kelly said she’d keep her and tackle whatever came next.

adorable cat laying
Source: YouTube

Kelly was informed that there’s a 50% chance Snickers’ eyesight will be back to normal. With that in mind, Kelly and Snickers went back home.

Snickers Is A Feline Miracle

She did everything she could to make Snickers feel at home and to make everything suitable and comfortable for her. About six or seven weeks later, Kelly noticed that Snickers could see again! 

“I was holding her and just waving my fingers in front of her and I noticed that she was following my hand.”

sweet cat sitting on a rug
Source: YouTube

Right away, Kelly got in touch with the vet and took Snickers in for a check-up. To their amazement, Snickers’ eyesight had returned to normal.

Kelly loves that she and Snickers share such an amazing and unbreakable bond. She’s beyond happy to have a feline friend that is so loving and sweet, and unique in so many ways.

She believes that Snickers understands her and is 100% sure she knows the meaning of the words “I love you” because every time Kelly says it, Snickers blinks!

“I do believe she knows the words ‘I love you’ because anytime I say it she just looks at me with these sweet loving eyes and she’ll always blink back at me.”

cat with cute fur
Source: YouTube

Snickers is a miracle in feline form! Not only does she smile, but she says back “I love you” with slow blinks. After all that she’s been through, this remarkable feline is still full of life and surprises.

If you wish to see more of this remarkable feline beauty, check out her Instagram profile

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